Diversity Charter: Our Commitment

The diversity charter (“Charta der Vielfalt” in German) is a corporate initiative to promote diversity in companies and institutions. Chancellor Angela Merkel is the initiative’s patron. ConMoto signed the charter in 2016. Why is ConMoto a signatory? We support the initiative, because we identify with the charter’s objectives and we want to show this commitment publicly as well as internally. Diversity makes us a better company. People from many nations are our colleagues, which is a benefit to us and serves our international ambitions well.

As a company we commit ourselves to a free, democratic society and we accept our responsibility as a corporate citizen. Therefore we reject all forms of political, religious or ideological extremism. We value all people – regardless of sexual orientation or identity and we actively include disabled people in our community. We promote a corporate culture that is free of prejudice and based on trust and mutual respect. Our communication aims to be open and constructive. These objectives do not contradict our commitment to performance and achievement. To the contrary: diversity supports our economic objectives and makes ConMoto as an employer more attractive.

Diversity makes us a better company.