This is our philosophy – pragmatic and geared towards implementation

Successful implementation determines the success of a project. Speed, pragmatism and the ability to get things done therefore imbue the work of ConMoto. The definitive foundation for this is constituted by expert, targeted analysis, conjunct with solid and realistic conceptualisation. To this end, we combine innovative concepts with an understanding of what is feasible.

Our experienced consultants support our customers throughout the process of implementation and thereby guarantee substantial corporate improvements that have a lasting effect. We help you to tap your employees’ potential and to create enthusiasm for change processes at all corporate levels. This results in the creation of powerful project teams that implement strategies so as to bring about effective changes and achieve lasting success.

More than 25 years of implementation experience in industry, the construction trade and the services sector.

Our managing directors, senior partners and consultants have a wealth of experience in all important industrial sectors – from the automotive industry, through the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors and mechanical and plant  engineering, right through to the paper industry. We have also made our expertise available to companies engaged in the construction trade, and even the services sector reposes trust in the advice we dispense.

The ConMoto projects of the last 25 years have, in a large number of industries and across a broad spectrum of variously sized operations, demonstrated that industry-specific experience and a pragmatic, implementation-orientated approach bring about enduring outcomes. Our customers can see these results borne out by the improvement in their EBIT.