Quality, customer satisfaction and cost-orientation are the three core factors with regard to procurement. In order to optimize your procurement we unlock the business and technical potentials as well as designing your efficient processes.

Together with your procurement employees we look beyond the boundaries of your company and create a stable network of innovative added value partners from which you can draw a part of your innovative power in a reliable and sustainable manner.


Value orientation in procurement is a comprehensive concept which includes the strategic fields of:

  • Early purchasing involvement/ Early supplier involvement,
  • Procurement market analysis/ Supplier relationship management,
  • Process optimization,
  • Material cost offensive/ Total cost of ownership,
  • Procurement competence/ Training and coaching as well as
  • Sustainable procurement.

This strengthens the innovative power and sustainability as well as cutting costs. The entire procurement process becomes both effective and efficient. This is how we streamline procurement as the technical development partner and get this area of business fit for the challenges of the future: the digitalization of manufacturing technology, the internet of things, new functional materials etc. Simultaneously, innovative suppliers are integrated into your supplier network at an early stage through our supplier onboarding. We design the onboarding process in such a way that companies from different industries profit in the long-term from this collaboration.

Additionally, simultaneous engineering dovetails the procurement and innovation processes. In this way you ensure that the specifications are in line only with the necessary functions that are paid for by the customer. Moreover, you will shorten development times (time-to-market), ensure that a production-ready design is in place and attain an optimum price/performance ratio for your customers.

Value orientation does not only pay attention to procurement costs, but also to the added value. For proof just look at your EBIT.