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White Paper Automotive Industry

How sustainable maintenance and asset management put your company in the fast lane

Systematic analysis of 46 automotive manufacturers and suppliers (KPI-Dashboards)

New patterns of thinking to improve production efficiency

Project Study Production

Successful companies work fast and avoid errors


Velocity and quality are the drivers of higher productivity


An overall optimum can only be reached by comprehensive changes

Preview_ConMoto_ProjectStudy_ChemicalsPharmaceuticals_Seite_1 Kopie_hd1920
Project Study in the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry

Evaluation of the maintenance and asset management performance in
67 production sites


Benchmark with ideal situation and industry-specific value creation areas


Key success factors and results in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry

Preview_ConMoto_Study_PulpPaperWood_Industry_Seite_1 Kopie_hd1920
Study of the Pulp & Paper/ Wood Industry

Value oriented maintenance as basis and driver for sustainable success


Evaluation of the maintenance and asset management performance


Success factors and tried and tested solutions for the pulp & paper and wood processing industry

Value oriented Maintenance

Cross industry 83 companies and production plants were examined in detail


Status Quo in maintenance and asset management


The most effective action areas

Further Information

O.E.E. +

Value stream optimized production and maintenance systems

The VUCA world

ConMoto movement point

Value oriented Maintenance and Asset Innovation

Increasing O.E.E. and cost efficiency

design2value – innovative product cost reduction

Value-analysis and creative solutions to reduce product costs

The future of procurement

From cost-reducer to integrating and innovative value-enhancing partner

ConMoto Akademie und Training

Training program
Value optimized Maintenance

ConMoto Akademie und Training

QAMPUS – The modular training program for your purchasing