We bring about movement

ConMoto was founded in 1990 by Dr Ralf Feierabend, a qualified engineer. ConMoto continues to be managed by its proprietors even today, independent of banks, associations and hardware and software manufacturers, ranking among the medium-sized consultancies in Germany that have the most clout in terms of implementation.

Our consultants support companies to secure and improve their competitiveness and sustainability, and create value enhancement for our customers – since more than 25 years.

Around 80 consultants work for ConMoto; with their high skill level and intensive professional experience, they guarantee clout in terms of implementation that is highly regarded, as well as a focus on results in every single project. With its German offices in Munich and Stuttgart, as well as offices in Bratislava (Slovakia), Campinas (Brazil), Charlotte, Shanghai, St Gallen and Vienna, the consulting Group works with prominent companies engaged across industries.

Inspiring solutions. Implemented.