The first 100 days as a consultant

As a new member of staff, you will be offered customised, systematic onboarding for seamless and productive induction. On the first day, you will receive your notebook, your iPhone and your personalised employee folder containing all key information.

Your dedicated mentor will support you, familiarise you with the ConMoto standards and will serve as your contact associate in all matters. Your mentor will provide and receive feedback. S/he will work with you to ensure that you quickly become an integral part of the project team and contribute to the progress and success of the project.

The best way for you to get to grips with fundamental methods and tools is in a practical setting “on the job”. In this process, you will be guided and supported by experienced co-workers and will gradually take on greater responsibility. At ConMoto, you are a member of a success-orientated and collegial team from day one.