Knowledge gives you a competetive edge

What is true for the learner is also true for the teacher. We owe our long-term success to the way we dovetail theory and practice.

Our consultants draw on years of experience to make business units leaner and your processes run faster.

We combine project experience with theoretical knowledge to develop state-of-the-art seminars and workshops that meet your needs.

We offer interactive courses on:

Our training equips your team with advanced learning that transfers straight into practice.

We strive for your improvement

  • Over 30 years’ experience of running on-site workshops and training for our customers
  • Proven track record of successful practical solutions that meet your needs and address your challenges
  • The very latest tried-and-tested methods and learning tools
  • An exemplary track record in a wide range of industries
  • Working with the staff development departments of many leading companies
  • Customized training courses, seminars and workshops
  • Extensive documentation in multiple languages
  • Training and seminars that make use of ConMoto concepts
  • Customizing training courses in accordance with your requirements
  • Multi-level training – from basic to expert
  • Interactive learning with simulations, hands-on experienceand practical examples using:
    • Face-to-face seminars
    • Webinars
    • E-learning
    • Digital learning media

Training program:
Maintenance and Asset Management

We offer an extensive training program entitled ‘Value-oriented Maintenance’. It includes keynote speeches, practical examples and exercises, and is offered in three stages: basic, advanced and expert. Learners acquire all the competences and methodologies needed to become a first-class maintenance manager. Alongside ConMoto best practice techniques, expertise gained from more than 500 optimized factories over the last 30 years is at your disposal.

The training program is aimed at both top-level management and operational staff who work directly or indirectly with maintenance. We adapt the program to meet the qualification needs and training requirements of your company.


Training program:


ConMoto trainers are experienced consultants who draw on their industry experience to tailor-make courses. We offer workshops, business cases, business games, one-on-one, and small group training.

In the area of production, we focus on the ‘Lean Game’ and the basics of how to design an optimal production system. We also offer training modules in: waste analysis, cardboard packaging simulations, O.E.E., Kanban, and setup and value stream analysis and design.

Training initiatives for your long-term success

Procurement: QAMPUS

QAMPUS stands for Qualification, All-round training, Motivation, People, Uniqueness and Skills.

We offer an optional upstream needs assessment with our ConMoto SAT (Skills Analysis Tool) to determine the individual training requirements of your staff:

  • Training modules for standardized global roll-out that are tailor-made for your procurement and product development
  • Documentation that is targeted and looks ahead to the future
  • Interactive negotiation training, supported by multi-video analysis
  • On-going assessment of sustainability measures – and their potential development – in collaboration with your Head of Procurement and/or HR department

We engage course participants with interactive case studies adapted for your product groups and supplier portfolios – the results are long-lasting.

Logistics: QAMNET

QAMNET stands for Qualification, All-round training, Motivation, Networking, Efficiency and Transportation.

QAMNET is a ConMoto training initiative and building block in your staff becoming imaginative managers of value-creation networks. We train your staff with real-life scenarios and follow these up with one-on-one feedback. The courses are tailored to your supply strategy and identified control variables, and use both new and existing learning tools.

Academy + Training