What is valid for the learner is also valid for the teacher. We owe our long-term success to the dovetailing of theory and practice when conveying our knowledge.

Our consultants use their years of experience to make business units leaner while also accelerating processes.

Based on the ongoing experiences made with projects and theoretical knowledge we have acquired, our training seminars and workshops are mutually developed with you as state-of-the-art courses. These are designed according to your needs and requirements.

Our interactive seminars and training courses within the fields of

  • maintenance
  • production
  • procurement
  • logistics
  • innovation

will have the highest level of learning and transfer effect for your employees and staff.


  • Over 25 years of experience in on-site implementation, training and workshops for our customers
  • Proven track record of successful practical solutions for all of your needs and challenges
  • Tried-and-tested, always up-to-date methods and tools
  • A very strong track record in a variety of industries
  • Working with numerous training and staff development departments of renowned companies
  • Customized, customer-specific training courses, seminars and workshops in accordance with your requirements
  • Extensive documentation in multiple languages

Training and seminars with ConMoto concepts

  • Customizing training courses in accordance with your requirements
  • Multi-level training programs (from basic all the way to expert)
  • Interactive learning with simulations, experiences,  and practical examples in/using
    • face-to-face seminars
    • webinars
    • e-learning
    • digital learning media

Maintenance and asset Management

We can also provide you with an extensive training program “Value-oriented maintenance” which includes keynote speeches, practical examples and exercises. Learn about all of the required competences and methods in three consecutive stages (basic, advanced and expert) that will ensure that you become a first-class maintenance manager. In addition to the ConMoto best practice methods and processes, the expertise gained from over 500 optimized factories in the last 27 years is available for you to use.

The training program is meant for top-level management and operative employees from all units that work directly or indirectly with maintenance. Our trainers adjust the program individually depending on the respective qualification needs and company-specific requirements.

Training program:

The ConMoto trainers are consultants who have many years of experience and design the training contents based on the expertise they have gained within their industry. We will customize the training format according to your individual requirements: workshops, business cases, business games, one-on-one training or small group courses.

In the area of production we focus, in addition to our lean game concept and the basics of how to design an optimal production system, on the training modules waste analysis, cardboard packaging simulations, O.E.E., Kanban, equip/set up as well as value stream analysis, mapping and design.

Procurement: QAMPUS

QAMPUS stands for Qualification, Allroundtraining, Motivation, People, Unique, Skills

  • As an option: an upstream needs assessment with our ConMoto SAT (Skills Analyses Tool) in order to determine the individual training requirements of your employees
  • Training modules that can be rolled out globally in a harmonized fashion and which are individually adjusted to your procurement and product development contents
  • Documentation that is designed in a targeted and future-oriented manner for your organization
  • Motivation of the participants and a high degree of long-term effects by using interactive business cases that have been adjusted to suit your product groups and suppliers portfolio
  • Interactive negotiation training that has been adjusted to suit your product groups/products, supported by individual multi video analyses
  • A permanent check regarding the sustainability measures and their extension in close collaboration with the head of your procurement and/or HR department

Logistics: QAMNET

QAMNET stands for Qualification, Allroundtraining, Motivation, Networking, Efficiency, Transportation

The ConMoto qualification offensive QAMNET is a modular building block to train your employees to become creative managers when it comes to value-adding networks.

We will train your employees using realistic scenes and our trainers will follow through with individual analyses. The training contents will be adjusted in accordance with the supply strategy, new and already existing tools as well as the identified correcting variables.

Training program: Innovation

In our Smart Innovation Training courses we cover the following spectrum:

  • from products (hardware, software) to services (R&D, engineering etc.)
  • from investments to mass-produced products
  • from product development (Scrum) to usage (launch etc.)

Our modular training program is focused on four areas of optimization. Each module offers concepts for customized task specifications:

  • Product-market focus: Innovation road map
    Product/technology – target groups/market entry strategies – cockpit to steer the R&D initiatives
  • Product portfolio: Product range optimization – product lifecycle management – design2value
  • Product engineering process (PEP): Stage gate – product maturity/ heat map – industrialization – CMMI
  • Innovation-related resource management: People – tools – knowledge