Reliable analysis and audits
The ConMoto ScoreTests reveal performance and potentials

ConMoto has developed the interactive ScoreTest methodology to determine and prioritize the design elements for the systematic optimization of maintenance and asset management. These one-week standardized test procedures analyze and evaluate processes, structures and key performence indicators. The findings are afterwards interpreted by an interdisciplinary team of management and shop floor employees. The results offer a comprehensive view on your company’s strenghts and weaknesses. we will compare the company profile with best practice principles, which enables a comprehensive review of strengths and weaknesses. A set of numerical scores allows the objective comparison of your company’s efficiency with best practice, facilitating a maturity and efficiency profile.

The ConMoto MaintenanceScoreTest provides stepstones to consistently increase equipment effectiveness, reduce failure rates and improve the predictability of maintenance activities. The performance of plant planning and commissioning in its current state is systematically examined with the AssetInnovationScoreTest. This comparison provides reliable figures on the cost-effectiveness of investment projects – either new plant planning, replacement investment or maintenance investment – by taking into account the life cycle costs of the machines and plants.

The ConMoto O.E.E.+ScoreTest combines the analysis of the production system with a detailed assessment of the maintenance organization and overall equipment efficiency. The test procedure is based on the reliable ConMoto maturity models for production and maintenance. Our overall equipment efficiency assessment provides you with meaningful results for optimization priorities and their subsequent implementation. . Our methodology has been developed specifically for discrete manufacturing processes with a significant share of value creation by plants and machines.