Leading the way with automation
The right automation solution for measurable success

Technological innovations such as the Internet of Things (IoT)and new production processes like 3D printing and integrated assembly solutions are changing the production philosophy of many industries. Those who do not manage to keep up lose touch – since automation starts at the neuralgic points of production systems. Your company will be enabled to produce in a quick, faultless manner again and thus, efficiently and flexibly. ConMoto has decades of experience in the planning and implementation of automation processes and solutions:

  • Turnkey factory automation & turnkey solutions for production and logistics
  • Low-cost automation
  • Modularization of the overall system structure
  • Standardization and intelligent linking of hardware/software components & manufacturing execution software
  • Engineering of digital twins, configurators for plant components and subsystems
  • Object-related 3D simulations, product and process FMEA
  • Integrated process monitoring
  • Design of human-machine interfaces
  • Use of human-robot collaboration (cobots)

You benefit from ConMoto’s methodological knowledge as well as the industry and project experience of our consultants. The choice of automation must be strictly geared to market requirements and economic considerations. We create a business case that puts all economic and technological aspects to the feasibility test. Based on a transparent total cost of ownership and life cycle assessment, we find the perfect automation solution for your company within the scope of a clearly structured process:

1 Identification of key processes

Analysis of production processes and personnel deployment for the prevailing product, analysis of product requirements

2 Definition of automation level

Process workshops for determining automation steps, analysis of technical product limits, creation of a suitable cycle time model

3 Business case

Rough planning of product variations, preparation of line concept and feasibility study, limitation of product variety

4 Automation concept

Definition of decision criteria, decision matrix and automation contents

5 Implementation planning

Final digital validation, preparation of the specifications, start of supplier selection

6 Implementation

Implementation plan, run@rate production, series acceptance tests, rollout at more than one site

The advantages of our jointly developed automation solutions:

  • Shortened engineering process and reduced start-up time
  • Increase in overall equipment efficiency and output volumes
  • Reduction of total lead and cycle times
  • Flexible setup concepts
  • Improved logistics with integrated material supply as well as reduced layout and line space
  • Reduction of direct staff costs

The successes of our projects such as sustainable performance increases and improved resource efficiency are reflected in reduced production costs of up to 30 percent.