Diversity is not just another buzzword. Diversity brings new influences, builds partnerships, and promotes sustainability. Read our guidelines to see the measures we take to support diversity in the workplace.

ConMoto promotes diversity

What matters to us

ConMoto is a successful company and so in a position to be socially engaged. We help people who make our communities better, and by doing so, invest in our future too.

Our social commitment

Formula E

Formula E is future technology in motion – innovative, modern, and sustainable. ConMoto is proud to be the consulting partner and sponsor of the HWA RACELAB, the latest team in the Formula E championship. HWA and ConMoto are driven by a shared passion: ‘We set things in motion’ or as HWA puts it – ‘Engineering speed!’

Our involvement in Formula E

Equestrian sports is our pet passion

ConMoto has supported equestrian sports for more than twenty years, promoting talent and rewarding achievement. One such success story is Friso Bormann, seen here in the saddle of ConMoto Crazy Cato.

Our equestrian commitment