A LEAN workshop Lego brick

“We love technology” describes what LÄPPLE Group stands for – including its companies LÄPPLE AUTOMOTIVE, FIBRO and FIBRO LÄPPLE TECHNOLOGY (FLT) as well as LÄPPLE AUS- UND WEITERBILDUNG, its training branch. LÄPPLE’s 2,700 employees produce chassis modules, standard components and rotary tables. They also devise automation solutions. Looking back at 100 years of corporate history already, the family company positions itself worldwide successfully with its products and solutions.

In order to reach its growth and revenue goals in the future as well and remain true to its high quality standards, the group is striving to integrate the methods and tools of LEAN management into its company culture. Therefore, the management introduced the project “LEAN LÄPPLE” throughout the group and its companies. ConMoto Academy & Training has developed the trainings and provides them for both executives and employees.

After the trainings, ConMoto is going to perform a comprehensive rollout and educate the LEAN management team as well. In particular, one company product is an integral part of the trainings. “LEAN LÄPPLE” introduces a process of continuous improvement, therefore establishing a lean and learning organization in all divisions. LEAN culture is making use of the skills and capabilities of all employees to implement a waste-free value creation chain – including customers and suppliers as well. Together, we are set out to make “LEAN LÄPPLE” the basic principle of the production and management systems as well as an integral part of an applied company culture.