ConMoto Top Arbeitgeber 2019 bei yourfirm
ConMoto’s “Top Employer 2019 in the mid-sized company sector“ award

For the second time in a row, ConMoto received the „Top Employer 2019 in the mid-sized company sector“ award from The award aims at bringing the advantages of medium-sized employees to the attention of applicants and providing them with orientation in their search for interesting employers.

The special feature of this award: the results are not based on surveys that tend to have low return rates and therefore, limited reliability due to the underlying data pool. Instead, the access and reading behavior of the users regarding more than 60,000 recruitment ads within one year was analyzed.

The evaluation criteria are:

  • The average number of users a company reaches with each recruitment ad and its company profile,
  • The percentage of users who properly read the content, thus remaining on the page for a respective period of time, and
  • The percentage of users who perform an application-related task by clicking „Apply now“ or the link to the company website.

Based on these three categories a reputation index for each employer is being generated. ConMoto is proud to be one of the highest-rated companies.