Schumpeter coined the concept of Creative Destruction. Often, a new system can only be successfully introduced once the old one has been replaced.

Elon Musk has radically changed existing products and processes with his companies SpaceX and Tesla. Many were initially convinced of failure, or at least expected it, but hope was held high by cautious people. Now Tesla is building a mega-factory near Berlin. Not only the product is new. Many processes are greatly simplified and less complex than in traditional companies. The construction time alone is impressive already – even though the location is practically within eyesight of the BER. The annual salary of the people employed there starts at approximately 36,000 euros gross. On average, German car manufacturers pay at least twice as high.

Musk breaks rules! According to the motto: “Estrange the familiar and familiarize yourself with the strange.” he courageously breaks new ground.

Introduce radical changes now

Corona brings many companies to the brink of viability. When do you want to think about radical changes, if not now? The federal government’s large protective umbrella of tax deferrals and interim aids must not lead to a wait-and-see mentality. Now is the time to challenge long-standing conventions:

  • Do you offer the right products?
  • Do you operate in future-proof markets?
  • Are your innovation processes fast and efficient?
  • Do you have the right locations and footprint?
  • Are your production and logistics processes competitive?
  • What is the level of your automation and digitization?
  • Do you have the right production depth?
  • Are there opportunities by verticalizing the value chain?

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