Optimized processes enable us to create the lean development factory in collaboration with you. With more than 25 years of project experience, we know what matters: We think strategically and act pragmatically.

In terms of increasing efficiency, only an implementation in all phases of product creation and across all stages of the value chain brings the concrete results that will ensure the competitive advantage of your products.

We help you to employ your resources more efficiently when developing new products and generate ideas with added value.

We speed up development
processes to launch new products faster.

Optimizing function while minimizing costs. We achieve reductions in product cost from 25 to 55 percent, results depending
on the industry.

Organization & Processes

  • Interactive analysis through ConMoto EngineeringScoreTest©
  • Development strategy
  • Development organization and network
  • Increased efficiency in development / lean development factory
  • Digitized development
  • Product development

The ConMoto EngineeringScoreTest©, developed by our experts, puts your entire development organization to the test. It will quickly provide you with reliable answers to important questions so you know which areas to prioritize.

What is the path to best-in-class development in the age of digitization?  Which forms of cooperation for agile development arise in modern value-creation networks?

ConMoto relies on proven lean methods such as the Hoshin Kanri approach for the design of the lean development factory and combines these with advanced features of digitization. This includes the use of real-time data for product validation and rapid prototyping. The goal is always to optimize your products in terms of cost, functionality, and degree of innovation. Focus of all efforts is the performance of the company-wide product development from order initiation to series production.

Product Strategy & Complexity

  • Modularization and modular management reduce the complexity of your product portfolio and eliminate unprofitable variants.
  • Product cost optimization with ConMoto Design2Value: Maximize product value while achieving clearly defined cost targets.

The standardization of products and product development processes and related reduction of development costs are the focus of modularization and modular management. Design2Value mobilizes the creativity of your employees in two to four month long projects to further improve the functionality, design, and sustainability of your products.

We rely on strict project and method management, implementing a mentoring process and arriving at a targeted strategy. Our structured approach with successive levels of innovation combines value-analytic and creative solutions.

It starts with a multi-level analysis, including a teardown workshop. Cross-departmental teams collaborate to find solutions right from the start. In our approach, we think beyond the boundaries of a company and also involve suppliers and users and/or customers. The centerpiece is an Added Value In Design event (AVID).

ConMoto uses value and cost analysis to align product requirements, functionality, and actual costs with best-practice costs. Depending on the project, Open Innovation or Design Thinking approaches are integrated. Our support does not end with the generation of ideas – we help you design a detailed development plan right up to its actual and measurable implementation.