We work together with you to create and optimize your lean factory. With over 30 years of project experience, we know what matters: strategic thinking and pragmatic action.


To increase efficiency, we make sure all phases of product development are in place, across all stages of the value chain, to deliver the concrete results that secure the competitive edge for your products.


We optimize resource use when developing new products, generating ideas that bring added value.


We fast-track development, bringing new products to market faster.


We optimize function while
reducing costs – between 25 to 55 percent, depending on the sector.


Staff shortages are a brake on innovation. Our expertise closes the gap in human resources.

Organization and Processes

  • The ConMoto Engineering Score Test for interactive analysis
  • Development strategy
  • Organization of development and networks
  • Increased efficiency in development and lean development factory
  • Digitized development
  • Product development

The ConMoto Engineering Score Test, developed by our experts, puts your entire organization to the test. It provides quick and reliable answers to important questions, highlighting areas for action.

What is the path to best-in-class development in the digital age? What forms of cooperation are possible in modern value-creation networks to advance agile development?

ConMoto relies on proven lean methods, such as the Hoshin Kanri approach, in the design of a lean factory. We use advanced features of digitization such as real-time data for product validation and rapid prototyping. Our aim at all times is to optimize your products for functionality, cost, and innovation.

Every effort goes towards enhancing product development company wide – from order initiation to series production.

Product Strategy and Complexity

  • Modularization and modular management simplify your product portfolio and cut out unprofitable variants.
  • With ConMoto Design2Value, we maximize product value while staying within target costs.

Modularization aims to standardize products and reduce development costs. Design2Value engages your employees in projects of two to four months, spurring their creativity to improve the functionality, design, and sustainability of your products.

Our rigorous project management offers a mentoring process and a targeted strategy for knowledge transfer. Our structured approach to iterative innovation combines solutions that are both value-analytic and creative.

Work begins with a multi-level analysis, including a teardown workshop to define customer requirements and resulting costs. From the outset, cross-departmental teams work together, thinking beyond the boundaries of the company to take in suppliers, users and customers. The highlight is an Added Value In Design event (AVID).

ConMoto uses value and cost analysis to align product requirements, functionality, and actual costs with best-practice costs. We integrate Open Innovation and Design Thinking, as appropriate to each project. But our support does not end with the generation of ideas. We help you design a detailed development plan, and are there with you to witness the plan turned into reality.

More innovative power for your company

We release the innovative power of your company. Our shared goal: fully-developed, mature products with high added value for your customers. Our formula against stagnation: innovative leaps coupled with significant savings in product costs.

Innovation is not an end in itself. It has to contribute to the long-term success of your company. Together, we find new approaches to marketable, profitable products.