What characterizes ConMoto’s consultants?
Social skills and implementation strength are two sides of the same coin


We inspire people by using our social skills and working passionately to achieve improvements. Our consultants show empathy and respect in all interactions with our clients, fostering an atmosphere that encourages people to notch up their performance. In our projects we are role models: presenting the facts and being polite and cordial at the same time. Because changes only happen if people are convinced of their benefits.

Expertise combines strategy and implementation, industry experience is the foundation

Our consultants are experts in value-oriented business development: they combine strategic expertise with practical knowledge to implement changes quickly and effectively. Their professional experience in industry and retail is an integral part of our change projects. We are specialists in our clients’ industries and approach every project with in-depth knowledge and a clear focus on effectiveness and feasibility. We say with conviction: we know the ins and outs of our clients’ businesses and solve problems collaboratively.

We apply systematic methods for sustainable successes

ConMoto consultants proceed systematically: analysis, conception, implementation. We use methods that bring the greatest added value to our clients – and have project results of more than 30 years to prove it. ConMoto uses a wide range of methods based on quick, targeted analyses that have been effective a thousand times over. Our consultants follow a pragmatic approach and combine well-established standard methods with ConMoto’s individually developed tool set.

Successful implementation is our benchmark of effective project management. ConMoto has developed its own tools and methods for evaluation purposes. The PMoto tool, short for project management office tracking organizer, provides transparency to project managers. ConMoto’s maturity model ensures that the implementation process is not completed until the savings potential has been realized. The score is always settled at the end: this is especially true for optimization projects. Project successes are measured by a positive effect on your EBIT – otherwise we would not call a project successful.