Investment strategy
Safeguarding the future with the right investment decisions for production site, technologies and plants

The future of your company depends mainly on the investment decisions in your production and logistics sites. With our clients we will answer the following questions: Where do you want to invest? And what do you want to invest in? We address the production footprint and investments in technologies, plants and machinery. By comprehensive analyses, ConMoto provides the factual basis for individual asset management and technology strategies that ensures a sustainable, high return on capital. The key value drivers are improving asset efficiency and minimizing costs whilst reducing capital expenditure and inventories.

Together with your management team, we put all capital expenditures to the test to define the necessary production and operating resources during the entire life cycle. The overall goal is creating sustainable, efficient process chains and modular systems that adapt flexibly to market demands.

Analysis and methodology


  • Procurement and analysis of basic data such as quantities, technology roadmap, logistics requirements, factor costs and flexibility
  • Derivation of guidelines for the production strategy and the resulting investment strategy
  • Structure and prioritization of evaluation criteria


Dynamic investment calculation

  • Synergies
  • Start-up and run-out costs
  • Remanence costs

Comparison of alternatives

  • Amortization
  • Investition
  • Discounted cashflow method (DCF)

Scenario assessment and sensitivity check

Compelling investment process handling

We develop a strategy cockpit for planning and implementing investments with roadmaps that show and dynamically predict market and technology trends. During planning process the focus is already on the cost structure of the investments. At the same time we ensure the stringent handling of the entire investment process – including the planning of the company’s internal implementation resources and the timely involvement of plant manufacturers in the design and construction phase.

ConMoto’s integrated approach examines the performance of different business functions. In the producing units the overall equipment efficiency is the key performance indicator. An individual KPI-system translates to a high level of transparency. Additionally, it provides new control options and safety for investment decisions.