Lean administration
Slim processes in all indirect areas

ConMoto realizes productivity gains in the administration and all indirect areas in your company. We apply the principles of lean production processes to your back office as well – for example in order processing, work preparation or controlling – by focusing on the process-oriented redesign of the indirect areas.

Process orientation means aligning the entire processes to our client’s requirements. The internal department is the recipient of information and services like a client.

Following lean principles, ConMoto works with your employees to eliminate all forms of waste in organizational interfaces, communication structures and workplace organization besides generally avoiding mistakes. The pull principle guarantees customer orientation: an effective administration only does what is useful. In addition, flexibility in administrative processes enables your organization to adapt to fluctuations in demand and changes in customer requirements.

Benchmarks, standardization and continuous improvement

ConMoto initiates continuous improvement with its lean projects. By creating transparency, all processes become self-explanatory and comprehensible to employees whilst motivating personal responsibility and further improvements. Our input enables you to live up to best-in-class standards and strengthens the CIP processes.