Lean Administration
Lean processes in all indirect areas


Many companies have already greatly exhausted the optimization potential in the production areas, but they hesitate when it comes to leveraging potential in the indirect areas. High personnel costs, a lack of customer orientation, slow reaction times and structures that have grown over the years are not isolated cases. With our know-how in the design of lean processes, ConMoto identifies hidden productivity potentials in the administrative processes.

Benchmarks, productivity increases and smart solutions

Process orientation means aligning overall processes with customer requirements. Internal departments are the recipients of information and have to be treated like customers. ConMoto works with your employees to eliminate all forms of waste at organizational interfaces, in communication structures and in workplace organization, and to prevent errors. The pull principle ensures customer focus: effective administration does only what is useful for the customer.

ConMoto uses proven lean methods (Makigami, activity structure analysis, cost structure analysis, interface analysis) and enables well-founded cost comparisons and make-or-buy decisions through benchmarks. IT-supported smart solutions additionally increase efficiency and accelerate internal processes.

The optimizations cover all indirect processes, for example in order processing, work preparation, accounting or controlling. Through intensive employee involvement, we are creating the basis for a customer-oriented, flexible and efficient organization. The best-in-class standards achieved can be surpassed by a practiced CIP process.


ConMoto projects show
Significant improvements are possible in the indirect areas

Increase of adherence to delivery dates: +62%

Shortening of lead time: -43%

Increase in quality: +44%

Improvement of efficiency: +18%