Maintenance as an efficiency driver of production
Increasing overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and reducing costs


Downtime eats into profit. Faults and system failures take an immediate toll on your operating results. Depending on the plant intensity and industry sector, up to 60 percent of total production costs are directly related to the efficiency of maintenance and asset management. That is why maintenance, not least in times of increased automation, is a determining factor of strategic success.

With an integrated, transparent maintenance management, our projects increase the reliability, availability and stability of your machinery and reduce maintenance costs – as demonstrated by our results at more than 250 production sites over the last ten years: maximizing overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and minimizing downtime are the two central objectives. Your company can benefit from our successful best practice methods and ConMoto’s pioneering role in digitization in all capital-intensive industries as well.


Knowledge at your disposal

Please take a look at the previews of our studies and whitepapers. The complete documents are available free of charge at your request.


White paper Maintenance 4.0

  • Maintenance management for the future factory
  • Predictive maintenance, mobile maintenance and asset innovation

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Study on value-oriented maintenance

  • Status quo of maintenance and asset management
  • The most powerful levers (across industry sectors)

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Brochure Value-oriented Mainenance

Improvement of OEE and cost efficiency

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ConMoto Maintenance 4.0 HealthCheck©

Analysis of your maturity level and identification of to-dos regarding Maintenance 4.0

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