ConMoto’s Agile Taskforce: safeguarding cash flow and supply chains

ConMotos Agile Taskforce: Cash Flow und Lieferketten sichern
ConMoto’s Agile Taskforce

The current crisis challenges companies of all sectors. Whereas the food and medical industries are producing at the limits of their capacity, the machines in other fields are standing still. Simultaneously, several companies of the textile and automotive sectors are changing their production to much needed equipment like protective clothing and respiratory masks. ConMoto’s Agile Taskforce is offering quick support for immediate measures, for example regarding the short-term stability of your cash flow and safeguarding your supply chains.

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Immediate cost reduction action plan

Following a swift analysis, we will identify quick win inducing measures: focusing on liquidity protection and quick cost reductions, we will help you to safeguard your own delivery capability by bottle neck management, the adjustment of safety stocks if necessary and an increase in productivity.

Quick ramp-up, effective risk management

ConMoto’s Agile Taskforce will not only support you in implementing instant measures. We are also planning for the period after the crisis by ensuring a quick ramp-up after shutdowns. Additionally, we are going to support the advancement of your risk management. Assisting you in the process of implementing flexibilization concepts for your production, we are going to develop scenarios for an agile reaction to unanticipated risks and fluctuations. ConMoto provides instant pragmatic approaches for restoring your company’s productivity. You may download more detailed information about our Agile Taskforce here.


Business resilience in spite of Corona: protecting supply chains and operations

Business resilience in spite of Corona: protecting supply chains and operations

Disruptions from the Corona virus outbreak (COVID-19) raise awareness of how vulnerable globally interlaced supply chains are: supplier failures, various disturbances and high costs within the delivery chain as well as production halts affect several countries already. To support companies, ConMoto has developed a comprehensive analysis and an adequate set of measures:

  • Safeguarding production,
  • Implementation of a risk management,
  • Providing alternatives for downtimes or risk of downtimes, and
  • Ramp-up management after shutdowns or temporary closing

are the cornerstones of our Business Resilience Program, protecting your business and helping to regain productivity after disruptions.

ConMoto supports you within the scope of a risk analysis of your supply chain and a risk profile of your suppliers. Based on the results, we develop an effective business resilience strategy. The tools of our emergency kit are:

  • Create safety stock with the support of your supply network,
  • Risk management with powerful FMEA analysis tools,
  • Deployment of alternative sourcing strategies,
  • Identification and qualification of alternative suppliers,
  • Examination of alternative scenarios for the sustainable protection of your supply chain,
  • Stabilizing measures for your cash flow.

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Volker Staack new member of ConMoto’s Executive Board

Dipl.-Kfm. Volker Staack
Dipl.-Kfm. Volker Staack

Dipl.-Kfm. Volker Staack just joined ConMoto’s Executive Board. He possesses more than 17 years of professional experience, both as a partner at renowned top consultancies and smaller companies. For eight years, Mr. Staack had lived and worked in the U.S., for six years in European countries besides Germany. Overall, Mr. Staack is a highly skilled industry professional of more than 12 years experience, especially in the electrical industry.

Prior to joining ConMoto, Volker Staack was a Partner at a globally leading consultancy in the U.S. and a specialized “boutique” consultancy in Germany. He oversaw the Global Innovation Practice and globally implemented consulting projects within the industry sectors machinery and plant construction, automotive and aerospace – often by order of private equity investors. His consulting portfolio includes purchasing and procurement, development and innovation as well as product cost management and product range management. He is an expert for organization development and change, agile management, restructuring and supplier risk management.

At ConMoto, Volker Staack in responsible for the consulting areas procurement, development and product cost management.


Nils Blechschmidt talks maintenance 4.0 at the Global ManuChem Strategies

Nils Blechschmidt talks maintenance 4.0 at the Global ManuChem Strategies+++ UPDATE: Unfortunately, the conference has been postponed due to the current corona virus outbreak – we will keep you informed as soon as a new date has been announced. +++

Manufacturing experts and top management representatives of the chemistry, pharmaceutical and process industries will attend the conference Global ManuChem Strategies in Berlin from March 15th to 17th, 2020. The event focusses on all aspects of the optimization of production processes. A main emphasis is the digitization of production.

The key note of Nils Blechschmidt, senior partner and member of the management board of ConMoto, addresses the challenges of industry 4.0 as well. He is speaking about maintenance 4.0 and asset innovation

on Monday, March 16th, 2020 at 3:30 PM.

Inter alia, Blechschmidt is going to discuss aspects of smart maintenance as well as data generation and analysis. Additionally, he will introduce a new ConMoto project study covering maintenance, asset innovation and life cycle costing.

Annual Handelsblatt conference: Potenzials for the steel industry

Nils Blechschmidt auf der „Zukunft Stahl“
Nils Blechschmidt at the “Zukunft Stahl”

Nils Blechschmidt, Senior Partner and Member of the management team, presented his keynote “Value-oriented maintenance and Maintenance 4.0” at the annual Handelsblatt conference “Zukunft Stahl”. In Düsseldorf, he spoke about the strategic importance of maintenance for the steel industry in front of an audience of 170 managers.

Blechschmidt reflected especially on how automation and digitization change maintenance processes. He explained how the future-oriented implementation of Maintenance 4.0 concepts enables steel-producing companies to increase their productivity. The world’s leading maintenance expert estimated the possible decrease of the total cost of ownership during the whole lifecycle of a plant at -20 to -30 percent, whereas the return on net asset (RONA) may be increased by 20 to 32 percent. The RONA is a clear indicator of the efficiency and profitability of a company’s plants.

Dr. Marc Heinisch, Senior Partner and Chief Sales Officer at ConMoto, summarizes the results of their talks with many steel industry decision makers: “Besides scalable technologies, the change to decarbonization and green steel requires a lot of change management and implementation strength for the innovative, efficient production of high-tech steels.”

ConMoto Academy & Training holds LEAN trainings for LÄPPLE Group

ConMoto Academy & Training holds LEAN trainings for LÄPPLE Group
A LEAN workshop Lego brick

“We love technology” describes what LÄPPLE Group stands for – including its companies LÄPPLE AUTOMOTIVE, FIBRO and FIBRO LÄPPLE TECHNOLOGY (FLT) as well as LÄPPLE AUS- UND WEITERBILDUNG, its training branch. LÄPPLE’s 2,700 employees produce chassis modules, standard components and rotary tables. They also devise automation solutions. Looking back at 100 years of corporate history already, the family company positions itself worldwide successfully with its products and solutions.

In order to reach its growth and revenue goals in the future as well and remain true to its high quality standards, the group is striving to integrate the methods and tools of LEAN management into its company culture. Therefore, the management introduced the project “LEAN LÄPPLE” throughout the group and its companies. ConMoto Academy & Training has developed the trainings and provides them for both executives and employees.

After the trainings, ConMoto is going to perform a comprehensive rollout and educate the LEAN management team as well. In particular, one company product is an integral part of the trainings. “LEAN LÄPPLE” introduces a process of continuous improvement, therefore establishing a lean and learning organization in all divisions. LEAN culture is making use of the skills and capabilities of all employees to implement a waste-free value creation chain – including customers and suppliers as well. Together, we are set out to make “LEAN LÄPPLE” the basic principle of the production and management systems as well as an integral part of an applied company culture.


ConMoto named “Top employer in the mid-sized sector 2020” by FOCUS-BUSINESS magazine

ConMoto gehört zu den Top-Arbeitgebern der Zeitschrift vFocus Business

The FOCUS-BUSINESS editors have appointed ConMoto “Top employer in the mid-sized sector 2020”. In cooperation with the employer rating platform kununu FOCUS-MONEY magazine has analyzed four million ratings and comments of employees at online portals and company profiles. Evaluation criteria were, for instance, a kununu score of at least 3.5 points and a recommendation rate of at least 70 percent. The complete list was published in the current issue of FOCUS-BUSINESS (in German only).

In December 2019, ConMoto’s kununu-score is 4.0 of five achievable points. Our recommendation rate is 88 percent. We are very happy about the award and will continue to strive for further improvement.

ConMoto press review: Maintenance 4.0 in the chemical industry

ConMoto press review: Maintenance 4.0 in the chemical industry
cav issue 12-2019

“cav” magazine, specialized in process technology for the chemical industry, has just published a ConMoto article about the hot topic of Maintenance 4.0.

Our writers focus especially on the sustainable perspectives of an increasingly efficient maintenance. They describe how digitization accelerates the optimization of availability, reliability and flexibility of production plants. Additionally, they point out possibilities of making maintenance a strategic success factor of a company: up to 60 % of the production costs in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries depend directly or indirectly on the efficacy of maintenance.

The article titled “Maintenance 4.0 – So können Pharmaunternehmen ihre Anlagen effektiver nutzen” (in German only) was published in issue 12-2019. It is available for download here.

ConMoto is looking for engineering skill + technical knowledge + interdisciplinarity

ConMoto is looking for engineering skill + technical knowledge + interdisciplinarity
83% of our consultants are engineers.

On the occasion of the German Industrial Engineer Day 2019, the book “Industrial Engineering 2019” was issued. Within the scope of the publication, the German Association of Industrial Engineers (vwi) draws a comprehensive picture of the profession. ConMoto is also represented there: by placing a recruitment ad, we would like to stir the interest of excellent engineers in consulting. After all, ConMoto’s projetcs rely on the competence of engineers as well – engineering skill + technical knowledge + interdisciplinarity is a good approach to problem solving.

In June 2019, ConMoto Chairman Dr.-Ing Ralf Feierabend spoke about his background as a industrial engineer, entrepreneurship and other topics during the vwi summer interview (in German only).