ConMoto press review: Maintenance in the pharmaceutical industry

Title of the German magazine phpro
phpro issue 03-2019

The “phpro” magazine, specialized in process technology for the pharma industry, had invited several experts from the industry as well as suppliers and service partners to discuss the hot topic of Maintenance 4.0. How does digitization influence maintenance within the pharmaceutical industry? And which expectations do pharma companies have towards suppliers and service partners?

Nils Blechschmidt, Managing Partner at ConMoto, seized the opportunity to speak about these and other interesting issues within the scope of a round table talk as well. Step stones regarding the increase in system availability like digitization, communication, documentation, complexity and outsourcing where topics the expert panel reviewed, analyzed and assessed.

The article titled “Instandhaltung in der Pharmaindustrie – Experten im Gespräch” (in German only) was published in issue 02-2019 of the magazine phpro and is available as an excerpt for download here. The second part of the series “Weniger Papier, mehr Partnerschaften” (in German only) in issue 03-2019 can be found here.

VWI-interview with ConMoto’s managing partner Dr.-Ing. Ralf Feierabend

ConMoto-Gründer und Geschäftsführer Dr.-Ing. Ralf Feierabend
Dr.-Ing. Ralf Feierabend

Each year the German Association of Industrial Engineers (VWI) conducts a series of interviews – the so-called “Summer Interviews” – with high-profile industrial engineers who are leaders in the business world or in academia. Recently the VWI interviewed ConMoto’s founder and managing partner Dr.-Ing. Ralf Feierabend.

Mr Feierabend talked about skills with special importance to industrial engineers, about working in interdisciplinary teams, about topics like diversity, and about trends in society that will shape the future. Read the entire interview in German.

Curbing costs now: ConMoto‘s new cost reduction study

Title of the ConMoto cost reduction study

Cut costs now! The message resounds throughout the offices and production halls of many companies for a variety of reasons: Disruption by technological change and the uncertainty of international markets are two of them. Another important motivation for savings: Cutting costs unlocks funds for investments into product developments generating successful products for the markets of the future.

ConMoto contributes to the current discussion on how to lower costs by introducing an innovative topical study. We analyze project results and show how an efficient cooperation between procurement and development departments can reduce product costs. At the same time, the optimization of production, logistics and administration improves efficiency. The average cost cuts and improvements in projects already show the potential still hidden in companies.

Costs down:

  • Ø reduction of products costs by 27 %,
  • Ø reduction of time-to-market by 29 %,
  • Ø reduction of organization and process costs by 16%,
  • Ø reduction of der capital expenditure by 13 %.

Productivity up:

  • Ø raise of productivity by 27 %,
  • Ø reduction of lead time by 21 %,
  • Ø improvement of supply capacity by 30 %,
  • Ø raise of OEE by 23 %.

The study explains procedures and methods in a compact manner. Additionally, case studies provide insight into our successful projects in different sectors. You may order our cost reduction study free of charge via e-mail via or give us a call at +49 89 780 66-138.

ConMoto donates IT equipment to charity foundation

ConMoto employee Berenice Feierabend is handing over our donation to Dr. Franz Weindauer and Christian Leins of The Sunshine Project foundation

We are socially engaged – for us, not an obligation, but a privilege! Last week, ConMoto donated 60 Fujitsu notebooks as well as five HP and Canon printers to The Sunshine Project charity foundation (“Aktion Sonnenschein”) – Help for children with special needs. We were very happy to hand over our donation personally.

For more than 50 years, the Munich-based The Sunshine Project foundation has been actively contributing to inclusion by attending to children with and without disabilities and teaching them together. Christian Leins, employed at the foundation, confirms: „We are very happy about this generous donation, especially so because digitization is an issue at our school as well. Our heartfelt thanks go to the whole ConMoto-team for this great support at exactly the right time!”

You can read more about The Sunshine Project foundation here: (in German only)

ConMoto is one of the best consultants in 2019

The TOP CONSULTANT 2019 award

For the tenth time, the competition TOP CONSULTANT has honored the best consultants for medium-sized companies in Germany. ConMoto was able to receive one of the coveted trophies as well.

The centerpiece of the analysis is a scientifically standardized survey of reference clients named by the respective participants. Thus, an assignment with the award TOP CONSULTANT identifies a client-centered consultancy with a clear medium-sized company focus.

The field of participants largely consists of management, IT and personnel consultants. The academic direction of the competition, Prof. Dr. Dietmar Fink, Professor for Management Consulting at the University of Bonn-Rhein-Sieg and Bianka Knoblach have conducted the analysis of these companies. Both are heading the Scientific Society for Management and Consulting (WGMB) in Bonn, Germany. Former President of the Federal Republic of Germany Christian Wullf is the mentor of the contest and the German manager magazin is its media partner.

Due to its scientific background, TOP CONSULTANT brings more transparency to the consultant market. “The award is a great reference for consultants and an important landmark for companies in search of consultancy services.” says Prof. Dr. Dietmar Fink.

We are very pleased about receiving the award and would like to express sincerest thanks to our clients who have given their feedback for our work. You can review ConMoto’s company profile here: (in German only).


Ivo Schmincke and Sebastian Eisold new senior partners

Dr.-Ing. Ralf Feierabend, ConMoto’s founder and managing partner, states: „We are very pleased to welcome our new senior partners Ivo Schmincke and Sebastian Eisold as an excellent addition to ConMoto’s top management team. For years, they have been successfully engaged in different projects around the world. They will fuel the upswing of our aspired annual growth rate of 20 percent.”

Dipl.-EU-Betriebswirt Ivo Schmincke

Ivo Schmincke has more than 20 years of professional experience as a consultant in German and international companies. He focusses on manufacturers and suppliers within the automotive industry as well as the utility and special purpose vehicle industry. In the past, Mr. Schmincke has successfully advised both medium-sized companies and corporations regarding their challenges in operations management. His portfolio includes operational excellence programs and the optimization of procurement, organizational and global value creation chains.

Mr. Schmincke is an expert in the fields of procurement and cost management and implements programs that improve company performance and shareholder value. In his new capacity, he is responsible for providing consulting services in the procurement sector.

Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing. (FH) Sebastian Eisold

Sebastian Eisold has more than 15 years of professional consultancy experience especially in the automotive industry and its suppliers as well as in the mechanical engineering, aerospace and shipbuilding fields. He is specialized in operational excellence and lean management, agile order processing procedures, innovation management and lean product development processes, the design and implementation of manufacturing systems as well as ramp-up and task force management.

Mr. Eisold helps our clients optimize their increasingly complex organizational interfaces, often with the aid of innovative methods of agile systems and organizations. At ConMoto, he is responsible for the fields of production, logistics and comprehensive efficiency initiatives.

Learning Journey to Japan in September 2019

Picture: Roman Ditzer, 2019

ConMoto are partnering the benchmark learning journey „Lean Production and Leadership – Operational Excellence of Companies in Japan“ in calendar week 40.

We are pleased to have Dr. Roman Ditzer as our partner. He is a renowned expert with years of experience regarding Japan and close contacts to lean companies in the originating country of Kaizen and Lean Management.

The open Japan seminar offered by Roman Ditzer’s RD interlogue is aimed at leads and improvement experts. Prior to the journey, a one-day preparation seminar is being offered in order to provide the participants with the necessary background knowledge to get attuned to the seminar week.

Besides a profound introduction to the philosophy and management tools of Lean Production, the seminar also offers an exclusive insight into the business practice of companies on site in Japan. The seminar focusses on two topics: Implementing Lean Production concepts including the methodological approaches and the corresponding leadership tasks – the distinctive success factor of every Lean Reform and the continuous improvement activities.

The learning journeys are not limited to company visits. The seminar concept ensures a qualified analysis of the on-site experience by offering intensive individual and group work. This enables each participant to transfer lessons learned to the personal sphere of influence and his/her individual responsibility. The objective is to convey valuable stimuli for individual Lean/leadership work and to accelerate the improvement process within the company. Ultimately, what counts is only the subsequent implementation within the own company.

Detailed information about the scope of services as well as feedback from participants of previous seminars (in German and Japanese only) can be found at

ConMoto introduces innovative mobility kit for employees: Car + e-bike + rail card

Individual mobility for ConMoto employees
Individual mobility for ConMoto employees

Mobility evolves. Company cars are only one of many options to be on the move. Thus, ConMoto has introduced a new mobility initiative that was met with great approval: employees who choose a more economical company car with reduced fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions are entitled to additionally receive an e-bike and a BahnCard, the German rail card.

“We provide each employee with the possibility to choose from a variety of options their personal mobility kit offers. Of course, a company car is an attractive incentive. Still, we did not want to leave it at that – so we came up with more options that enable the employees to model their mobility kit on their individual requirements”, says ConMoto’s founder and managing partner Dr.-Ing. Ralf Feierabend.

To kick off the initiative properly, ConMoto raffled an e-bike among its employees. The lucky winner will be pedaling shortly!

An efficient manufacturing system for the Apollo factory in India

Das Werk von Apollo Tyres im indischen Chennai
Das Werk von Apollo Tyres im indischen Chennai

„ConMoto was my extended workbench with our team at the Chennai site – we worked together extremely well,” says Markus Korsten, Chief Manufacturing Officer at Apollo Tyres, with approval. That is how Korsten summarizes a 12-month project four ConMoto consultants co-led at the Indian premises of the tyre manufacturer.

The comprehensive project refined the Apollo manufacturing system in a factory with more than 2,000 employees and an annual turnover of more than 400 million Euros. The most significant results were an output increase of 55 percent and an increase in overall efficiency by 30 percent. These improvements derived from the implementation of a top-notch lean production layout based on perfection, flow, tact, and pull criteria as well as the sustainable introduction of 5S and 7V principles.

The Apollo executives were especially positive about the ConMoto consultants’ focus on hands-on solutions and their pragmatism. Markus Korsten finds: “ConMoto is implementation-oriented and team-driven. They cooperate closely with the shop floor team.”

Important milestones of the project were:

  • Plant assessment and benchmark tour,
  • Assessment of maintenance efficiency based on the ConMoto MaintenanceScoreTests© and implementation of a risk- and availability-oriented maintenance strategy,
  • Blue sky workshop and preparation of a masterplan for the transformation into a state-of-the-art LEAN facility,
  • Implementation of project and risk management,
  • Detailed layout planning,
  • Introduction of standardized work,
  • Implementation of shop floor management including focus board, KPI tracking and structured troubleshooting across all levels of management,
  • Training and coaching for a lean culture transformation across all levels of management,
  • Introduction of challenge days and stress tests for stabilization during the start-up period,
  • Optimization of inbound, factory logistics and outbound processes by means of the ConMoto LogisticScoreTest©.

Additionally, ConMoto supported the management team in change management. A Chennai plant manager summarizes their experiences as follows: „After the completion of our project, I feel like I have changed from an old to a new company. I am in the 20th year of my career now and I’m looking forward to working at this new, exciting company Apollo Tyres for another 20 years.“ The successful transformation speaks for itself: Now, Chennai is a benchmark factory of the tyre manufacturer.


ConMoto named „Top Employer 2019 in the mid-sized company sector”

ConMoto Top Arbeitgeber 2019 bei yourfirm
ConMoto’s “Top Employer 2019 in the mid-sized company sector“ award

For the second time in a row, ConMoto received the „Top Employer 2019 in the mid-sized company sector“ award from The award aims at bringing the advantages of medium-sized employees to the attention of applicants and providing them with orientation in their search for interesting employers.

The special feature of this award: the results are not based on surveys that tend to have low return rates and therefore, limited reliability due to the underlying data pool. Instead, the access and reading behavior of the users regarding more than 60,000 recruitment ads within one year was analyzed.

The evaluation criteria are:

  • The average number of users a company reaches with each recruitment ad and its company profile,
  • The percentage of users who properly read the content, thus remaining on the page for a respective period of time, and
  • The percentage of users who perform an application-related task by clicking „Apply now“ or the link to the company website.

Based on these three categories a reputation index for each employer is being generated. ConMoto is proud to be one of the highest-rated companies.