ConMoto’s commitment

We set things in motion.“ – this is ConMoto’s claim. „Inspiring solutions. Implemented.“ – this is our guiding principle.

Both of these directives do not only apply to our work with our clients, but also to our social commitment. As a strong, capable company, we are taking on responsibility. We help those who are in need of help. Therefore, we are especially supportive of people with disabilities.

ConMoto traditionally supports the Munich-based „Aktion Sonnenschein – Help for the Child with multiple Disabilities”. Just recently, we have participated in the funding of the production of the benefit CD “Krippewelle – A witty Christmas Audio Play with Music”.

For half a century, “Aktion Sonnenschein” has been a synonym for integration, inclusion, mutual support, joint leaning and working together – objectives we identify with.

Integration company „Putzblitz“

Coming from the same social responsibility, we are employing the integrative cleaning company „Putzblitz“ from the cooperation “Beschützende Arbeitsstätten e.V.” who are providing work for people with disabilities.

IT Donations

Additionally, ConMoto is regularly donating notebooks and other hardware for non-profit NGOs.