Product cost reduction
Value and cost analyses, variants management, standardization

Product cost optimization with ConMoto’s Design-to-Cost approach means: you increase your product value and simultaneously meet clearly defined cost targets. We streamline all measures to reduce product costs to your specific requirements. Our methods and concepts include product value design, complexity reduction, modularization, modular system management and target cost models as well as procurement and production optimization.

In our projects we bring together employees from the research and development department as well as production, procurement and sales to put a broad knowledge base to work for exploiting cost-cutting potentials. In addition, we also involve customers and key suppliers.

Meet your target costs with optimized functionality

Our common goals are innovative product design, functionality and sustainability. Combined with optimized product costs, marketable products render the economic success of your company possible by yielding a high profit margin. But ConMoto’s consulting projects do not stop at having great ideas. We accompany you all the way to their implementation – with measurable results. Together, we achieve savings in product costs of 25 to 55 percent, depending on the industry sector. Please contact us for project references in different industries:

In our Design-To-Cost projects, we go well beyond the efforts of other management consultancies. Our structured approach enables a targeted knowledge transfer and sparks the creativity of your employees. We combine value and functional cost analysis in tear-down workshops with creativity techniques such as open innovation as well as design thinking methods and include agile project management tools. In doing so, procurement often plays a central role as an integrator.

ConMoto’s strategic product cost management at a glance

The ConMoto toolbox provides all methods and instruments – from cost analysis to the implementation of final results:

1 Analysis and prioritization

Cost model and structure analysis


Cost driver analysis

Analysis of market demands

Variants analysis

Functional analysis

2 Idea generation


Power development

Requirements optimization

Design for manufacturing

Involvement of suppliers

Standardization and modular design

3 Implementation

Production processes and technologies

Negotiation support

Release management

Modular product kit

Agile method

Target cost

Concept and strategy

Product strategy and roadmap

Innovation processes

Organization & change management

Strategic sourcing

Complexity management

Total cost of ownership


Modular client training concept to improve skill sets