Product development
How to control cost management: idea, design, production

The success of a product starts with choosing the right idea. ConMoto has 30 years of project experience in multinational corporations and medium-sized companies, we advise you during all phases of integrated product development. Our consultants design a process that opens perspectives for creative ideas without neglecting efficiency and cost management: we focus on our clients’ product requirements, design specifications, construction and manufacturing. The client’s expectations and the overall product costs count.

Increasing resource efficiency, reducing time-to-market

The focus of all efforts is to improve the performance of your company-wide product development – from your customer specifications to conceptual work, virtual mock-ups and series production. In our projects we foster creative ideas with added value and increase the resource efficiency of your product development by an average of 20 percent We speed up development projects and help to bring your products to the market up to 40 percent faster.

Optimizing the functionality, quality and cost of your products

A successful product convinces with customer driven functionality, high quality and an adequate price. ConMoto relies on innovative, sustainable lean methods to support you at all levels of value creation. Our analysis puts the entire development organization to the test. How are customer expectations best fulfilled in the developmentphase? How can we achieve best-in-class development in the age of digitization? What forms of cooperation for agile development are made possible by contemporary value creation networks? ConMoto has project experience in a wide range of sectors, such as automotive, process industry, mechanical and plant engineering.

Reducing change costs for your products

Efficiency in product development has many aspects: after a comprehensive analysis ConMoto works with you to structure the process map. We help to increase transparency and identify the areas in need of quick change. This improves your ability to respond efficiently to new, changing customer requirements. Fast, cost-effective change processes become the prerequisite for greater flexibility in product development and accelerate the speed of action within your company. Clearly defined processes in product design, construction and production preparation minimize the necessary timespans and enable you to meet predetermined cost targets.