Production system & restructuring
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When it comes to improving productivity in industry sectors, a lack of knowledge is usually not the problem. Rather, companies are facing implementation challenges. We help you to succeed – supported by individual systems that work productively and lean-based. ConMoto is a trailblazer in developing efficiency for operational processes since more than 30 years. We help companies gain competitive advantage by including strategic aspects as well as prevailing issues of performance creation.

Value stream optimization and improvement shown in your EBIT: Speed and quality due to fault-free accuracy are the two most important factors in optimizing your production. We strive for improvements in your plants you find reflected in your EBIT. In both manufacturing and indirect areas, ConMoto consistently relies on lean principles, standardization and effective controlling to increase efficiency. We always keep an eye on the entire value stream.

ConMoto’s operational restructuring projects ensure the performance of your company and a reasonable return on investment – or restore both. Especially in times of crisis, our operations experts help you to reduce costs and provide liquidity. Our implementation strength enables quick wins due to a precise rollout of all necessary measures.


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Production System & Restructuring

Studie Kostensenkung

Einsparpotenziale bei Produktkosten sowie in Produktion, Logistik und Administration; Ausgewählte Case Studie.

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Production System & Restructuring

Projektstudie Produktion

  • Erfolgreiche Produktionssysteme
  • Erfahrungen aus 25 Jahren Produktivitätsverbesserung

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Production System & Restructuring


Wertstromoptimierte Produktion und Instandhaltung

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Production System & Restructuring

3A – Agile Auftragsabwicklung

Bis zu 35% schnellere Auftragsdurchlaufzeit

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Production System & Restructuring

APS – Lean Videoanalyse

Gesamtkonzept Arbeitsplatzoptimierung

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