Lean Production
Speed and quality for your production system


Speed and quality are the two decisive factors that determine the performance of a production system: a high-performance production system works quickly and with fault-free accuracy. ConMoto’s experience from more than 130 projects over the past ten years shows: the full potential of production systems can only be exploited if implementation brings comprehensive changes instead of dissipating by optimizing individual processes only.

ConMoto examines all stages of production from the client to the supplier when accelerating production processes. Our goal is to remove any obstacles and disruptions, including an often too complex production control. This approach is more successful than the usual concentration on just one production stage in Kaizen projects. We achieve significantly greater productivity gains and cost reductions than conventional lean approaches. Our methods are, for example, value stream analysis and value stream design, the ConMoto Basic Improvement approach and consistent shop floor management..

Value stream optimization to speed up the production process

Accelerating the entire production process is the inherent goal of value stream optimization. To speed up, there are a number of implementation levers that our projects are focusing on:

  • Definition of client-oriented, stable processes
  • Implementation of intelligent production control
  • Design of a layout based on material flow
  • Shortening of lead and setup times
  • Improvement of the overall equipment efficiency
  • Minimized complexity and correct production

ConMoto project experiences:
Success factors for lean production

Sustainable support from the management is essential.

The willingness to change is present and openly communicated within the whole company.

The process is consistently accompanied by ConMoto.

A clear, ambitious, common goal is defined. Everyone contributes to achieving this goal.

Everyone has basic knowledge about lean principles: managers become coaches, employees are being trained.

The process of change is supported by a communication strategy that appeals to all involved people and explains the purpose of the changes.

Lean principles become part of the daily business. Lean is an approach reflected in the way people are working, not a project with a beginning and an end.

Lean requires an initial investment and the payback times are short.