When it comes to productivity improvement, figuring out what needs to be done is only part of the equation. The challenge is turning it into reality. Our customized production systems help you achieve sustainable productivity gains. And the improvements are there to be seen in the impact on EBIT.


We analyze and think strategically, but don’t stop there. Implementation is all. That means mobilizing and training your employees, and providing an environment for fast, concentrated and accurate work. The result is an integrated, holistic solution for your value stream, with the dividend showing in real money terms.


We accelerate production processes across all stages of production.


We minimize set-up times for product changes.


We combine speed and quality, ensuring low costs.


Our integrated approach to optimization reduces working capital.


Finding the optimum manufacturing depth and choosing the right location are among the decisions that impact most on your business. But there are many factors affecting success: political and economic conditions; suitably qualified employees; customer proximity; and the global, European and national differences in labor costs.

All these dimensions to globalization are a huge challenge, especially for suppliers Our expertise can help you when it comes to finding the right answers. Make or buy? Secure your production location by increasing performance? Or move production elsewhere? Or increase production capacities at your existing location?

Together we can find a strategy that will enable your company to adjust its vertical integration and global footprint to meet the challenge of today’s changing conditions.


A well-organized and efficient production process depends on systematic improvement. Ad hoc measures might result in one-off productivity gains, but they generally remain isolated improvements.

A first-class production system is possible only if an overarching system is in place. If there is one key issue, that is it. We can optimize your entire value stream with a goal-oriented analysis of your plant and an integrated calculation of potential output.

We plan and design lean production systems, drawing on the latest scientific research, to improve the overall effectiveness of your business.

We deploy tried-and-tested methods such as value stream mapping and design and the ConMoto basic enhancement process, and follow these up by engaging with shop floor management. Manufacturing costs can decrease by 14 to 18 percent and overall equipment effectiveness (O.E.E.) can see increases of 14 to 22 percent, depending on the type of production.

Industry 4.0 is a reality and the automation and digitalization of manufacturing is accelerating all the time. That is why we include networking of product and manufacturing plants as well as transport and storage systems in our down-to-earth cost-benefit analysis.

Together, we can achieve breakthrough change. Our job is to help you deliver better results, quicker than ever before.