A comment by Dr. Ralf Feierabend
A comment by Dr. Ralf Feierabend

An old truism says that crises always bring opportunities. If you look at current developments in the DAX, you come to the conclusion that pretty much half of those listed there are benefiting from the current crisis and the other half are having major problems. Which side is your company on right now?

What every single one of us will experience, companies will also experience: Prices for gas, heating and energy will rise sharply; in the worst case, energy will not even be available in sufficient quantities. Disruptions in supply networks due to bottlenecks and rising prices of raw materials and intermediate products make the problems of companies even more complex. Whether your company is one of the winners of such developments or whether these upheavals even threaten its existence also depends on the industry in question. But whether the economic scales of your business are moving up or down, you need to react quickly and consistently do the right thing. If the scale moves downward, we speak of restructuring (turnaround); if it moves upward, we speak of transformation. Threatened companies need to do everything they can to ensure solvency at all times, companies with great opportunities in the market need to ensure financing for growth.

Of course, you need the familiar commercial tools for both tasks, but to do the right thing, management needs transparency in technical and operational matters:


  • Does your company have the optimal vertical range of manufacture, do you produce those parts and components to which the company can profitably apply its know-how?
  • Are your products designed for optimum cost? Do they have efficient development processes and lean, resilient procurement channels?
  • Are your lead times competitive? Or do high inventories exist and the company is still unable to deliver in the worst case?
  • Are production and logistics up to date?
  • Is your purchasing department in line with its high importance for the company’s results or is there need for action?

Together with ConMoto, develop the measures that will prepare your company for the upcoming growth spurt or, with our support, make your company fit enough to survive the crisis.

ConMoto has the tools and the experience to quickly and reliably develop an implementation plan based on strengths and weaknesses in a very short – whether it is a transformation or a restructuring. We have long-standing, trustworthy contacts with banks and private equity companies and are happy to put you in touch with financing partners.

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