Railroad industry & infrastructure
We solve cost issues and release financial resources for investments


Economic growth depends on functioning infrastructure. That’s not a new insight and it applies to both companies and the public sector. Nevertheless, many countries have not been able to catch up on their backlog of refurbishment and modernization of public infrastructure for years – this problem concerns roads and the energy infrastructure as well as the complex rail system.

Hesitant investments are the result of an implementation backlog that is caused by lengthy and detailed political negotiations about the financing of infrastructure projects. ConMoto’s industry experience offers a solution: investments in infrastructure are not a matter of lacking financial resources, they are a cost problem. Administration, procurement, construction and maintenance of infrastructure are too expensive! We have proven in our industrial projects that lower costs and a high quality of infrastructure are possible – including a swift implementation.

Our railroad expertise yields measurable success

Our references include various projects in the railway industry, such as the value analysis and material cost reduction of overhead contact line systems or the reorganization and productivity increase of maintenance plants. More infrastructure for every euro is our creed when it comes to building new infrastructure or investing in existing infrastructure. ConMoto has successfully put this approach into practice. An example is the construction of railroad bridges: standardization and modularization reduced construction costs by more than 15 percent on average.