Special vehicles and energy supply
Successful complex product development and production


Special vehicle construction poses very specific challenges: ConMoto advises on the design and implementation of individual solutions that meet the different client requirements without compromising on quality and functionality. In principle, the production of special vehicles is all about the production of small numbers. The specific fields of action require a flexible approach. During construction, the following elements are essential:

  • Exceptional quality standards due to the use in extreme conditions such as, for example, a demanding environment and challenging weather, and
  • Legal requirements, e.g. for the integration of electrical and electronic systems as well as the development of application concepts.

Manufacturers must take the required complexity into account when developing products – while still pursuing a lean development process. In our projects, we design value creation processes that make use of hidden potential to reduce costs and increase efficiency. Our clients become able to make detailed calculations. They do not only produce sustainable results despite the difficult conditions in small series production, but also generate sustainable returns.

Cost optimization for networks and services

Durch Prozess- und OrgProcess and organizational optimization help raise considerable cost potentials especially in the energy sector. This applies to both networks and services. A cost-cutting program covers issues like investment cost reduction, asset management and maintenance. ConMoto analyzes your business processes and the entire value creation network. Shared services and digitization have a high impact on the quality of energy services. Our experts help you to benefit from growth opportunities in a market, whose political framework conditions are constantly changing

ConMotos Success Stories (Erfolgsgeschichten der Kunden von ConMoto) sprechen eine deutliche Sprache

ConMoto consultants have both the big picture and an eye for details regarding our optimization projects in special vehicle construction. Changes are often necessary in different areas.

Doubling the output of a mobile home manufacturer: planning and implementing a highly productive assembly

Industry competence is reflected in project successes. ConMoto built a new production line at a leading mobile home manufacturer. The optimization program set out to achieve a productivity benchmark for more than 6,000 employees in one plant.

To achieve this, the project team designed a material flow-oriented layout for the assembly. We made specific proposals for the enlargement and conversion of the assembly hall. However, the optimization measures were not limited to assembly, but also included logistics and production control. The plan of action included:

  • Establishing a consistent cycle time for all types of vehicles
  • Introducing a control system for balancing different work content including resilient pre-assembly and allowing for flexible staffing,
  • New material additions to the belt with a comprehensive route network and a new Kanban system

After the completion of the project, the results account for sustainable success. All targeted productivity goals were achieved: our client was able to accomplish a 40 percent productivity leap in production and logistics.