In addition to the major technological upheavals, the influences of the Corona crisis become increasingly palpable. How are the nation and its entrepreneurs supposed to react? What are the important issues of the coming months? ConMoto addresses all strategic aspects.

What politics should do now

Corona cost a lot of money. Debt has skyrocketed. Now is the time to take effective countermeasures and implement things that are not fiscally, but economically oriented. Best practices from industry sectors such as value analysis, standardization and modularization must be enforced and applied. In the coming weeks, ConMoto is going to propose approaches on these issues that can be put to work efficiently at all decision-making levels, i.e. in the federal government, the federal states and municipalities alike.

Challenges for industry sectors

Companies are in for important strategic tasks: they need to review their footprint decisions and readjust the vertical depth of their manufacturing. For example, sources of supply must be developed in countries that have demonstrated reliability during crises. There is an increasing emphasis on make-or-buy decisions again. Additionally, automation at low cost and with minor complexity remains an important issue. These and other measures contribute to reducing product costs – to remain internationally competitive. ConMoto has experienced experts and powerful teams for these disciplines and subjects. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Vertical integration in retail

Up to now, vertical integration has been pursued in a rather opportunistic way and often out of necessity. We are sure that this segment holds great potential if a comprehensive strategic approach determines all activities. Dr. Peter Hochrainer, one of the internationally most experienced consultants in this area, belongs to our staff. His credo “from the field to the plate” summarizes the comprehensive optimization of the food value creation chain.

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