Supplier management
Minimizing supply risks and costs, ensuring quality


More and more companies are focusing on their core competencies by outsourcing complete modules of the value creation chain in pre- or post-production – despite an increasing variety of parts and shortening product life cycles. Beyond mere supply relations, services such as development partnerships are increasingly being outsourced. These developments in complex networks of interdependencies and supply risks. ConMoto develops supplier management strategies for your company that minimize risks and costs whilst ensuring the desired procurement quality.

Challenges of separated value creation chains

The separation of service functions and value creation chains leads to a wide range of challenges. A professional supplier management meets these challenges by creating structured and strategic supplier partnerships. ConMoto experts provide an analytically firm basis for your decisions: strategic make-or-buy decisions are the initial step to making the right choices for your company. Supply risks can already be reduced sustainably in the product development phase, for example by the integral implementation of cross-company development and industrialization processes.

We limit critical dependencies on individual suppliers through the early selection of potential alternatives and the targeted control of procurement volumes. It is particularly crucial to manage work relationships with strategically important but difficult-to-replace suppliers. Our consultants ensure the competitiveness of your company with appropriate integration measures. Synergy is achieved by concentrating procurement volumes at the most competitive suppliers and by reducing the supplier base. This approach always triggers cost effects that require continuous monitoring.

Strategic and operational tasks of supplier management

Diring our cooperation, the ConMoto consultants develop and design the basic elements of strategic supplier management:

  • Individual sourcing strategies as the basis for segmentation and definition of the procurement portfolio as well as the number of suppliers
  • Development of a supplier evaluation system for a continuous monitoring of supplier performance and preventive risk management
  • Individual supplier contracts, including detailed service descriptions and supplier involvement

The operational objectives of supplier management are primarily focused on securing supply, increasing performance and reducing procurement costs. ConMoto supports your company in:

  • Supplier assessments and audits
  • Identifying interference factors and their sources across departments
  • Prioritizing fields of action
  • Setting up an optimization program and/or development of alternative scenarios
  • Implementing a consistent and sustainable supplier development and following up on all measures