ConMotos Agile Taskforce: Cash Flow und Lieferketten sichern
ConMoto’s Agile Taskforce

The current crisis challenges companies of all sectors. Whereas the food and medical industries are producing at the limits of their capacity, the machines in other fields are standing still. Simultaneously, several companies of the textile and automotive sectors are changing their production to much needed equipment like protective clothing and respiratory masks. ConMoto’s Agile Taskforce is offering quick support for immediate measures, for example regarding the short-term stability of your cash flow and safeguarding your supply chains.

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Immediate cost reduction action plan

Following a swift analysis, we will identify quick win inducing measures: focusing on liquidity protection and quick cost reductions, we will help you to safeguard your own delivery capability by bottle neck management, the adjustment of safety stocks if necessary and an increase in productivity.

Quick ramp-up, effective risk management

ConMoto’s Agile Taskforce will not only support you in implementing instant measures. We are also planning for the period after the crisis by ensuring a quick ramp-up after shutdowns. Additionally, we are going to support the advancement of your risk management. Assisting you in the process of implementing flexibilization concepts for your production, we are going to develop scenarios for an agile reaction to unanticipated risks and fluctuations. ConMoto provides instant pragmatic approaches for restoring your company’s productivity. You may download more detailed information about our Agile Taskforce here.