Work-life balance
Our working time model gives you freedom

Choose the model that suits you: a five-day or four-day working week with the same basic salary

The competition is tough: well-qualified engineers and other talents in mechanical engineering, the automotive industry and IT are in extremely high demand. ConMoto stands out from other employers with its flexible work policy. All staff can choose between a five-day and a four-day week for the same basic salary. It is a model we hope will draw more women to a career in management consultancy.

Our working time model is an investment into our employees

As a modern employer, we want to appeal to new and existing employees alike to create the perfect conditions for our ambitious growth. With our innovative flexible work policy, we aim to meet the diverse expectations of our employees for their life-work balance..

The flexibility of a four- or five-day week allows you to adapt to changing life circumstances. You can also switch between the two, providing you’ve spent at least three months in any one model. Further temporary reductions in working hours are also available by arrangement.

Transparent, dynamic bonus system

Our dynamic bonus system offers the option of additional salary differentiation. We have designed a simple and transparent system of variable salary components based on invoiced consultant days. If the invoiced days exceed a certain number, the consultant receives a set percentage of the monthly basic salary for each additional day.

At a given threshold, this amount increases by a further percentage. And by capping the number of bonus days, we ensure that our consultants have enough time left for vacations, training and development, as well as in-house matters.


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