IoT and Industry 4.0 in production
Digital transformation advances value creation

Pragmatism and practical orientation define ConMoto’s approach to digitalization as well. Industry 4.0 is a reality. The digital transformation of factories is speeding up. Consequently, we include the networking of products and production facilities as well as transport and storage systems in a pragmatic cost-benefit analysis. In other words: digitalization must pay off for your company – by improving value creation.

Many producing companies pursue a digitization strategy. More than 90 percent of them use analytics, process mining and robotic process automation as key technologies. ConMoto advises you in optimizing production processes for digitization to achieve maximum benefit. Digital business models are not possible without company-specific automation of production systems, because business excellence is defined primarily by process quality (reproducibility) and short response times (control circuits). The aim is to achieve the highest cost efficiency, better customer satisfaction, more transparency and faster processes to ensure sustainable economic success. Along the way, non-value-added activities are reduced. The saved resources can be used for the strategic core processes.

Effective digitization, high process quality

In cooperation with our clients, we develop individual digitization strategies based on the process maturity level and the degree of digitization maturity of the company structure. Only if the two maturity levels are reviewed within the scope of an integrated approach and subject to further development, scale effects can be achieved in the subsequent implementation. All ConMoto activities are designed to increase the benefits for our customers and generate returns – substantially and quickly.

Digitization & Industry 4.0
Digitization & Industry 4.0

For maturity analysis, we rely on ERP event data as well as data from other planning and control systems. ConMoto has developed its own maturity model for digitization. It evaluates the dimensions data, quality, organization and technology on the basis of an comprehensive checklist for development, sales and operations planning, procurement, production and logistics.

Solutions for digital process automation

Whether highly individual, flexible and efficient production systems or transparent and responsive supply chains – the ConMoto experts find company-specific, but still standardized solutions for your value creation processes. These solutions can be tested and optimized on individual value chains before being rolled out throughout the organization. We are always being guided by cost-benefit calculations and protect you from premature and expensive misinvestments. We help our clients to raise the full productive potentials of industrial digitization.