Supplier management as part of procurement best practices

Supplier management is a lever for companies to minimize supply chain risks and optimize supplier performance. It is a building block of purchasing best practices, ensuring that suppliers deliver the products and services needed, in the required quality and quantity, at the right time, and at an appropriate price. Important aspects of supplier management in ConMoto’s procurement projects are the increase in agility of supply chains, the use of digitalization opportunities in purchasing and the overriding goal of cost efficiency.

Together with our customers, we develop supplier management based on the procurement strategy, create the contractual and organizational requirements, and design the corresponding processes and systems. In this context, supplier management is closely linked to category management to possibly bundle demand and define sub-strategies in sourcing. A functioning supplier management system includes a monitoring system focusing on performance, innovation and risk management.

Supplier management tasks are becoming more complex

The field of supplier management faces complex challenges, not only due to unforeseeable factors such as the Corona crisis or the Russian attack on Ukraine. Risk can be systematically assessed and forecasts can be made taking into account technological development, the increasing scarcity of important raw materials and materials, and changes in the markets. ConMoto is working on this as well as on incorporating the progressive regulation of products and manufacturing processes, for example through the Supply Chain Act, into best practices.

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