Creating transparent supply chains

The challenges of recent years have clearly shown the weak points of modern supply chains. Many companies are turning to digitization to create transparency, speed and resilience to stay competitive in the connected business world. The basis of logistics is good supply chain planning, which covers all supply chains from the procurement of raw materials and other preliminary products to the sale of a product and ensures process transparency. This is the only way to prevent delays in the production process and delivery to the customer.

Tasks of supply chain planning

  • Establish process transparency along the entire supply chain
  • Analysis, evaluation and optimization of the production planning process
  • Synchronize process steps and improve the planning process
  • Definition of clear roles and responsibilities
  • Planning a communication cascade to inform all relevant employees
  • Definition of relevant key figures
  • Development of an implementation plan with concrete measures

Every ConMoto supply chain planning project begins with a comprehensive as-is analysis. We look at existing processes and document weak points. Customer employees are involved from the very beginning: We conduct detailed structured interviews with employees on the individual processes and document problems and jointly identify potential for improvement.

Supply chain planning as an optimization project


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    Common supply chain problems

    Common supply chain problems

    • Processes not fully defined
    • Process deviations within the various business lines
    • Deficiencies in process synchronization between the functional areas of sales, material purchasing and provisioning, planning and production
    • unclear responsibilities and roles of the different business units
    • No structured system of key figures
    • Excess stocks and shortages leading to delivery problems
    • Low service level

    Based on the as-is analysis, we work with customers to design target processes for rough planning of sales and production. By fine-tuning, a demand forecast is prepared to facilitate subsequent demand management. This is how we arrive at inventory optimization via improved inventory planning. The target design also includes an adjustment of procurement planning to shorten response times as well as demand-oriented replenishment. We also define measures for efficient controlling to constantly monitor logistics chains. Forward-looking supply chain planning is a prerequisite for logistics chain transparency. This transparency, in turn, is only maintained if a functioning controlling system continuously supplies up-to-date, high-quality data.

    Why is supply chain planning important?


    With ConMoto’s data-driven approach to supply chain planning, you can analyze the risks of your supply chains with pinpoint accuracy and increase the precision of your planning. In this way, they achieve lean, resilient supply chains, increase the performance of their production system and their return on investment, and remain competitive in the future.