Operational restructuring
Low costs and high liquidity improve performance and competitiveness


Problems that were initially conceived as temporary can also turn into substantial crises. Then, existential decisions must be made in very rapid succession. The foremost goal is to restore a company’s competitiveness in such a situation. ConMoto pursues an individual and comprehensive consulting approach. In the planning phase, we already determine the resource requirements for overcoming the difficult situation. Also, we are reflecting the medium- and long-term perspectives. Together with you, we reduce costs and release existing liquidity reserves: this restores your company’s ability to generate sustainable returns.

Implementation quality determines success

The key to a quick stabilization is the quality of implementation. In order to achieve the best possible results, we are preparing a package of measures that is practical and feasible. The individual activities include:

  • Stabilization and/or increase in productivity
  • Analysis and optimization of cost structures
  • Reduction of working capital
  • Adaptation of the sourcing strategy
  • Revision of third-party performance management
  • Optimization of purchasing conditions
  • Contribution margin analysis and adaptation of the product portfolio
  • Assessment of staff structure
  • Expansion of controlling
  • Integrated calculations for planning
  • Consistent implementation of the developed concept and strict monitoring of progress
Positive effects on balance sheet, profit/loss and cash flow

ConMoto’s approach has passed the practical test hundreds of times. We implement solutions that immediately impact your balance sheet, profit and cash flow, whilst ensuring your operational performance during the uplift. ConMoto identifies weaknesses and their causes aided by a short-term, technically sound analysis of the economic, structural and strategic status quo. Based on the assessment, you can make informed decisions. Our consultants establish an efficient control and reporting system that guarantees for a streamlined implementation – with pre-determined project plans including milestones and responsibilities.