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Achieve maximum reliability for your machinery and equipment at optimum cost.

The central goal of value-based maintenance is excellent, stable maintenance processes. Maintenance is the yardstick for measuring how efficiently and profitably a company uses its plant and machinery. Maintenance is therefore much more than just a cost factor or service provider.

ConMoto consultants work with our customers to develop maintenance and technology into an integrated value driver.

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    Top performance in industry through value-based maintenance

    • includes economical maintenance strategies at component level and integrated order management with optimal capacity and schedule planning,
    • relies on targeted in- and outsourcing as well as spare parts and contractor management,
    • increases effectiveness through operator care,
    • provides tools for efficient shutdown management (turnaround and shutdown),
    • builds on meaningful key figures and visualization,
    • promotes innovative preventive maintenance,
    • and integrates the digitalization of maintenance (Smart Maintenance, Maintenance 4.0) and forward-looking asset management.

     Results from over 300 ConMoto projects 

    OEE: +15%

    We increase overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) by 5 to 20 percent, depending on the industry

    Maintenance cost rate: -20%

    We reduce the maintenance cost rate by 7 to 28 percent.

    Spare parts inventories: -40%

    With us, you reduce spare parts inventories by 15 to 55 percent and increase spare parts availability by 25 percent.

    Replacement and maintenance investments: -15%

    We reduce capital expenditure by 8 to 28 percent.

    Why you can trust ConMoto.

    As innovators and leading maintenance and asset management consultants, we leverage our 30+ years of project experience to ensure that industrial production remains profitable tomorrow. Typical advances we achieve with our customers include increasing overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) for minimal production downtime or reducing maintenance cost ratios.