Value-oriented maintenance
Use our experience to keep your machines and equipment running reliably

The central goal of value-oriented maintenance is first-rate and resilient production processes. Maintenance is much more than just a cost or a service. It is also a gauge of how much a company invests in its plant(s) and equipment.The ConMoto consultants develop and design maintenance and technology together with our clients as an integrated driver of value creation.

Top performance in the industry through value-oriented maintenance

Value-oriented maintenance means:

  • Cost-effective component-level maintenance strategies and integrated order management with an optimized capacity and scheduling,
  • Targeted in- and outsourcing, spare parts and contractor management,
  • Increased effectiveness by operator involvement,
  • Tools for efficient turnaround and downtime management,
  • The use of diagnostic data, KPIs and visualization,
  • Promotes innovative maintenance prevention
  • Innovative concepts like Maintenance 4.0 and a future-oriented asset management

As innovators and a leading consulting company in the field of maintenance and asset management, we draw on more than 30 years of project experience to ensure that your company is fit for the future. Typical advances we achieve with our clients are increasing the OEE for minimal production downtime or lowering maintenance cost rates.