The path to a resilient business

Resilience is the ability of a company to deal with a variety of disruptions, shocks and crisis situations. The banking crisis of 2008/2009 and the subsequent recession, as well as the pandemic and the effects of the Russian attack on Ukraine, have proven how costly and even existence-threatening the lack of resilience of value creation processes can be. Resilient businesses preserve their capability to act. ConMoto consistently works with its customers to maintain and expand their ability to act, especially under difficult conditions.

When disruptions and crises occur, three competencies are critical to deal with complex challenges:


How quickly and by what means can a business respond to the new situation to remedy immediate deficits?

 Forcast capability 

Wie gut können die Verantwortlichen den weiteren Verlauf einer Krise abschätzen?


How quickly and to what extent can the company implement more extensive adaptation measures?

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    We support the development of these capabilities through data-based analyses, stress tests and forecast scenarios for the individual corporate functions. Scenarios with different crisis variables are simulated – such as changing energy and raw material prices or bottleneck situations of different primary products, necessary technology such as semiconductors. Analytics also targets logistics and transport capacities and political influencing factors such as sanctions, tariff increases etc.

    The resilient enterprise can be mobilized quickly to get back on a growth path by acting decisively in a crisis. Important building blocks of resilience are:

    Financial Resilience.

    Adjusting the proportion of borrowed capital and abandoning unprofitable business activities creates new financial scope.

    Operational Resilience.

    Adjustment of supply chains and Production footprints for continuous, profitable value creation.

    Organizational Resilience.

    The organization’s ability to act and respond as a whole includes shared values and a common understanding of aligned goals and how to achieve them.