Production strategy
Manufacturing and logistics footprint design

Finding the optimum manufacturing depth and choosing the right location are among the decisions that impact most on your business. Helping you to find forward-looking answers, brings more than 30 years of strategy and implementation experience to the table. Together we can find a strategy that will enable your company to adjust its vertical integration and global footprint to meet the challenge of today’s changing conditions. ConMoto offers reliable solutions:

ConMoto quickly and agilely examines the impact of the current economic downturn on the overall capacity of your production network – especially in the event of falling demand. Long-lasting overcapacity require consistent action. This includes make-or-buy decisions and insourcing options. Re-integration, for example, helps to more fully exploit existing capacity and protects the value creation chain from supply failures. The revision of the footprint should be based on market demand according to clear principles:

  • Adopting the market’s and your customers’ perspective
  • Comparing locations by employing relevant KPIs and calculate optimizations
  • Understanding the economies of scale and the impact of complexity
  • Calculating differences between manual and automated processes (degree of automation)
  • Include total costs and liquidity effects, e.g. because of longer supply chains
  • Reviewing the management system and organization of indirect areas (rightsizing)
  • Developing concrete scenarios for a re-designed value creation system

Sustainable production footprint
Step by step to an optimized value creation network

The results of numerous projects testify to the success of our approach for a sustainable production footprint. Based on market demand and available capacities, ConMoto’s consultants support you in designing feasible improvements by a four-stage process:

1 Starting point and analysis

We analyze the existing individual (global) footprint of your company and define relevant requirements as determined by markets, customers and existing strategies.

2 Ideal footprint and green field

Strategic positioning forms the basis for deriving the ideal footprint in a green field situation.

3 Assessment and decision template

Based on the ideal footprint, we develop options for achieving your goals in the most efficient way, taking into account any current limitations. We also evaluate different scenarios and provide a sustainable template for your decisions.

4 Business and implementation plan

A business plan with work packages, responsibilities and a clear timeline is devised. This includes concrete implementation plans for each site with a transparent cost-effectiveness calculation as well as detailed investment and plant structure planning.