Coordinate technology, vertical range of manufacture and the manufacturing base

Defining the right product portfolio, finding the economically appropriate vertical range of manufacture and making the right investment decisions – in technology and production locations – these are the decisions on which medium- and long-term corporate success in the manufacturing industry depends. Our more than 30 years of strategy and implementation experience will help you find the right answers to questions about the future. We work with you to develop a production strategy that enables your company to adapt its vertical integration and global footprint to dynamic influencing factors and achieve greater flexibility and resilience.

ConMoto develops solutions for pressing questions together with you:

  • Production structures and technology portfolio
  • Core competencies and Make-or-buy-decisions
  • Safeguarding locations through increased performance
  • Plant dimensioning and consolidation in the value-adding network
  • Relocation of production and adjustment of production capacities at different locations
  • Redesigning production and logistics systems through digitization and automation

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    Where should you focus your attention?

    As today’s markets are increasingly volatile and the demand and competitive situation changes quickly, production networks must be flexible and agile to adapt. Footprint and investment decisions should be market-driven, based on customer requirements and follow these principles.

    • Compare locations using relevant key performance indicators (KPIs) and include optimizations;
    • Understand economies of scale and impact of complexity;
    • Degree of automation: consider differences between manual and automated processes;
    • Total costs and liquidity effects, e.g. through longer supply chains;
    • View guidance system/indirect areas (Right-Sizing);
    • Develop concrete options for the further development of the value creation system by means of scenarios.