Our philosophy
Why we’re called ConMoto

We are a management consultancy that drives to get things done. Our experienced, entrepreneurial consultants create sustainable value enhancement for our clients in medium-sized companies and international corporations. With innovative methods and cooperative activities, we develop solutions and implement them systematically. We change structures and processes efficiently. Moreover, we move people.

In musical terms, ‘con moto’ means ‘with movement’. That’s why we called ourselves ConMoto: it’s how we work as a company. Always in motion and moving things forward to achieve our goals. Speed, pragmatism on the ground and seeing projects through: these have been ConMoto hallmarks – for thirty years.

Success is defined by quantifiable results

ConMoto’s 80+ consultants are not satisfied with solutions on paper. We work with you step by step to make them real. We help your employees to release their full potential and foster enthusiasm for change at all levels of your company. Your business profits from quantifiable results!

Our mission
ConMoto’s principles

We drafted ConMoto’s initial mission statement in 1993. It is a living document: we have continuously updated and amended it – most recently in 2019. From the very beginning, ConMoto has been committed to provide the highest possible benefit to our clients. Other founding principles are independence, ethical integrity and assuming responsibility for implementing our recommendations.



Our clients are at the focus of our work.

Each ConMoto service aims to deliver the best possible results to the client.

Our goal is a long-term cooperation based on trust.

Working with our clients is a personal commitment for each of us.


High-performing, motivated employees with strong personalities form the basis of our successes.

ConMoto’s teamwork is characterized by collegiality, integrity, mutual respect and reliability.

These efforts are rewarded with secure jobs and performance-based pay. ConMoto is a signatory of the diversity charter “Charta der Vielfalt”. Its values are fully incorporated into our mission statement – we act from conviction.


ConMoto strives to have an edge in quality within a competitive market.

Our implementation skills rest on our highly-qualified consultants, their in-depth professional experience, versatile education and comprehensive training.

All shareholders and employees are aware that our objectives can only be met by innovative services, continuous development and the constant willingness to adapt rapidly to changing market and environmental conditions.


ConMoto as a company and every individual employee is strictly bound to the principle of legality.

We do expect the same commitment from our clients. Our professional demeanor and our approach to working with our colleagues and clients are characterized by trust, openness and objectivity.

In addition to the economic goals of our clients, our project work is especially committed to environmental aspects.



An essential element of our consulting approach is the integration of strategy and implementation.

We commit ourselves to accompany the responsible implementation of our concepts for our clients.

Thus, the majority of our consultants are experienced practitioners.


ConMoto is a consulting company.

We do not sell products and we are independent of any type of manufacturer or distributor of hardware and software.

We adhere to strict confidentiality and protect the interests of all project partners.


The majority of the company shares are held by the managing partners.

Strategic partners can only invest in ConMoto if they fully support our vision, mission statement and strategy.

The equity ratio guarantees our independence from banks at all times.

Our values. This is ConMoto.

Responsibility, trust and passion for performance characterize our cooperation at ConMoto and the work with our clients we consciously do based on our fundamental values.

We are proud of our implementation strength. We convince people and make them part of the solution. Personal appreciation and trust are integral to our work. We want to be a reliable and attractive employer for our employees.

We are diverse.

As a signatory to the Diversity Charter, we not only accept its provisions and aims. We strive to fill them with life in our daily work.

Creating inspiring solutions for the benefit of our clients is our common mission. The diversity of our teams is an important aspect of our success.

We are one team.

Our achievements are the result of team work. We learn from each other and continously improve as a team. Thinking outside the box, we create, implement and live change.

We make a contribution.

As a company and as individuals, we accept and live responsibility. We support social projects and contribute to an open, fair and democratic society.

We get things done.

Either in the boardroom or on the shopfloor, we get things done. Each solution is only as good as its smooth and rapid implementation. We are RESULTants, implementing change for sustainable value creation.

We are performance enthusiasts.

We enjoy our work and strive to achieve outstanding results. Keen perception and high motivation, conbined with energy and vigour in implementing solutions, characterize our consultants. We expect a lot from our employees, because our clients expect a lot from us. We reward performance.

We accept responsibility.

We stand by our work and take responsibility for our actions – when the chips are down and hurdles have to be cleared. In difficult circumstances, true character and backbone count. We have our consultants´ backs.

We inspire people.

When implementing changes and achieving improvements, reaching out to people comes always first. A polite demeanour is essential in all our business affairs. In our projects we serve as role models: we are adamant when it comes to facts, but respectful when dealing with people.

We get the facts right.

As independent consultants we approach each situation objectively, focussing on realistic solutions. We are exclusively committed to our clients. Ambitious and sustainable results are the aim of our work.

We believe in straight talk.

To achieve improvements, we question today´s success. We value a frank word as part of our feedback culture. We can only solve problems by naming them – open and honest.

We play fair.

We don´t believe in success at all cost. Fairness is our highest goal – when dealing with our employees and our clients. Integrity and reliability are the source of mutual trust and appreciation.

We travel the world.

We are where our clients are.

Because an interconnected world has no borders, we implement changes across the globe. We unite intercultural competence.