Procurement with optimized costs
Efficiency for your entire value creation network

ConMoto works with your purchasing staff, looking beyond your company’s boundaries to create a solid network of value-adding partners, who become part of your innovative strength. For us, ‘purchasing’ means focusing on your customers’ needs while also cutting your costs. The three key factors in procurement are quality, customer satisfaction and cost-awareness. To optimize procurement we design efficient processes and unlock the business and technical potentials of your company. ConMoto support you in designing efficient procurement processes with short lead times at low resource requirements and we establish a resilient supply chain management.

Cost transparency is the most important prerequisite for optimized procurement

ConMoto consultants have an average of around 20 years of professional experience in procurement. Your company benefits from this knowledge – we help you to achieve full cost transparency for your various product groups and services. Transparency enables procurement to define useful basic benchmarks for systematic improvements.

Procurement of assets and capital goods

ConMoto’s strong expertise in production, logistics and asset management helps you to raise cost-cutting potentials in the procurement of assets and capital goods. We optimize design and take a holistic approach to TCO analysis, reducing your investment costs on long-term assets. Our track-record in this area shows actual savings of more than 1.4 billion euros and implemented more than 3,000 successful individual solutions.

Cost engineering lays the basis for you to work with your suppliers on reducing costs. This approach reveals how much your procurement really costs, and identifies waste in materials, the manufacturing process and the product. Transparency is the starting point for all cost reduction efforts.

Advisory on supplier analysis, evaluation and selection

Our approach to supplier management centers on optimizing your supply base. We analyse and evaluate your suppliers according to your specifications. ConMoto provides your procurement officers with an objective data set for supplier selection. We build a collaborative, innovative network that delivers best performance at competitive costs through the entire procurement process and for all business functions. With comprehensive offer management, we also support you in organizing your procurement and supplier selection processes effectively – including negotiations and the conclusion of contracts.