Quality, customer satisfaction and cost-orientation are the three core factors with regard to procurement. In order to optimize your procurement we unlock the business and technical potentials as well as designing your efficient processes.

Together with your procurement employees we look beyond the boundaries of your company and create a stable network of innovative added value partners from which you can draw a part of your innovative power in a reliable and sustainable manner.

Our methods in spend management result in reliable cost reductions.

Our holistic operations expertise helps you to minimizes CapEx in relation to TCO.

Lean processes and structures increase the added value of your procurement.

Our supplier management solutions lead to sustainable cost reductions and expenditures for batch production.

Spend Management

  • Sourcing strategies (local – global – BCC/LCC)
  • CapEx cost reduction (production plants & capital goods)
  • Cost engineering/product costs reduction
  • Transparency & governance (KPI, Management-by-Objectives, planning & controlling)
  • Methods & tools (introduction & implementation)

Spend Management aims at achieving transparency detailing all your expenses. Hand in hand with your procurement department we define specific sourcing strategies for each product group. In that way your enterprise can combine innovative and classic methods to shape your Supply Base.

Our expertise in production, logistics and asset management is highly developed to support you in effectively managing the procurement of plants and capital goods. We reduce your expenses for long-term investment goods by taking a demand-oriented, holistic view in TCO calculations. Our track record: realized savings of 1.4 billion €.

By cost engineering we provide a basis for a cost reduction partnership with your suppliers. This method reveals all manufacturing costs of your procurement costs and identifies waste related to the product, the production process and all materials. This overall transparency is the starting point for all cost reduction efforts.

Supplier Management

  • Supplier life cycle processes from innovation scouting to integration and development all the way to the phase-out
  • Access-to-innovation: cooperation models for the engagement of innovative start-ups
  • SRM: from evaluation tool to strategic supplier retention instrument
  • Systematic improvement of quality, costs and supply performance
  • Task forces engaging in rapid problem solving

Managing your suppliers our approaches and solutions focus on the stringent optimization of your supplier base. The aim is to establish a cooperative, innovative network that generates high performance throughout the entire procurement process for all business functions.

On average our consultants bring 15 years of professional experience to the table. They know the right methods to integrate strategically important companies into your supply network – even from other industries – ensuring access to innovation for your business. Our detailed knowledge helps you to get on top of everyday problems – e.g. missing parts – in your production process. We are at your side until solutions are implemented.

Even if early integration of suppliers is already a well-established practice in your product development process, series runs remain a challenge to customers and suppliers. By applying our pragmatic concepts, we manage to reduce the launching costs of our customers by 25% on average – preventively during product development as well as by stabilizing and solving difficult situations.


  • Procure-to-pay: We increase the value added of your procurement by transforming the functional purchasing process. As a result, a cross-functional network integrates internal and external functions.
  • Lean Procurement: We achieve a high efficiency, short lead times and minimal consumption of resources by stringently reducing waste.
  • Digitization (Data & Analytics): We improve decision quality and make the decision process more efficient by using Analytics, Bots & Co.

High-performance procurement aims at finding the optimal balance between costs and performance of sourced goods and services, keeping an eye on spend management and the supply base. We support you by applying benchmark-ready models for efficient processes and lean structures that meet your primary objectives.

If your procurement department has become so fit and lean that efficiency gains in the form of savings, supplier performance and structural costs are getting ever smaller, we help your procurement department to transform, enabling it to take on new tasks. Serving as an interface between product development, production and external value creation partners, the procurement department is ideally placed to take on the role of an integrator in a cross-functional network of the future.

We support your procurement organization by designing this network and defining its new tasks. We reduce the department’s workload by employing digital tools giving your teams new opportunities to increase added value.