The three key factors in procurement are quality, customer satisfaction and cost-awareness. To optimize procurement we design efficient processes and unlock the business and technical potentials of your company.


We work with your purchasing staff, looking beyond your company’s boundaries to create a solid network of value-adding partners, who become part of your innovative strength.


Our spend management methods reliably reduce costs.


Our expertise in holistic operations minimizes CapEx in relation to TCO.


Lean processes and structures increase the added value of your procurement.


Our solutions for supplier management deliver long-term reductions in cost and outlay for production start-up.

Spend Management

  • Sourcing strategies (local – global – BCC/LCC)
  • CapEx cost reduction (equipment and capital goods)
  • Cost engineering and product costs reduction
  • Transparency and governance (KPI, MBO, planning and control)
  • Methods and tools (introduction and implementation)

Spend management means being transparent about your expenses. Together with your purchasing department, we define sourcing strategies for each product group, combining new and traditional techniques to shape your supply base.

Our expertise in production, logistics and asset management means the efficient procurement of investments and capital goods. We optimize design and take a holistic approach to TCO analysis, reducing your investment costs on long-term assets. Our track-record in this area shows actual savings of more than 1.4 billion euros.

Cost engineering lays the basis for you to work with your suppliers on reducing costs. This approach reveals how much your procurement really costs, and identifies waste in materials, the manufacturing process and the product. Transparency is the starting point for all cost reduction efforts.

Supplier Management

  • The supplier life cycle begins with seeking out innovation, moves on to integration and development, and ends with the final phase-out
  • Access to innovation: models for working with innovative start-ups
  • SRM: from an assessment tool to a means for strategic retention
  • Systematic improvement of quality, cost and delivery
  • Task forces for rapid problem solving

Our approach to supplier management centers on optimizing your supply base. We build a collaborative, innovative network that delivers best performance through the entire procurement process and for all business functions..

Our consultants have, on average, over 15 years’ professional experience. They know how to integrate strategically important companies into your supply network – even from other industries – ensuring on-going access to innovation. Our expertise helps you stay on top of everyday problems (such as missing parts) and we are at your side till solutions are found.

Even with well-established supplier involvement in product development, production start-up remains a challenge both for customers and suppliers. We can reduce your start-up costs by 25% on average – both preventively during product development and by the on-going rapid resolution of problems.


  • Procure-to-pay: we add value to your procurement by transforming a functional purchasing process into an internal and external cross-functional network.
  • Lean procurement: with consistent waste reduction we achieve high efficiency, short lead times and minimal resource consumption.
  • Digitization: we use the latest in data, analytics and bots to improve the quality of decision-making.

Efficient procurement aims for the best balance between cost and performance, while being alert to spend management and the supply base.

We apply benchmark-enabled models to meet objectives for efficient processes and lean structures.

Is your procurement department already so lean that gains in savings, supplier performance and structural costs are ever more marginal? Then the next step is taking on new challenges. Procurement lies at the interface of development, production, and external value-creators, and is ideally placed to become the integrator of future cross-functional networks.

We help your procurement department design this network and define its new responsibilities.
Digital tools reduce their workload, making space for your teams to create added value.