Intelligent logistics addresses the supply chain as a whole

Value orientation in logistics means the efficient dovetailing of flows of information, material and goods. Our projects turn your business into an agile, learning organization that anticipates changes in customer needs and adapts processes and output individually to the customer’s pace. We also involve your suppliers in this process, because your company’s logistics can only perform at its best if improvements are effective throughout the entire supply chain.

We create an overall system of procurement, production and distribution logistics that gives your employees new control options in all areas. The result is value-adding work processes without waste and a logistics structure that makes effective use of space and personnel capacities. The right product is delivered in the desired quantity at the planned time in the quality that best meets customer requirements.

 Lean Logistics
Pull, Takt, Flow

The nucleus of value creation is the human being. Only when employees understand the meaning behind the processes and are convinced of them, productive peak performance is possible. The equipment, space capacities, building structures and information must support people in being able to perform work processes optimally. After all, it is the job of lean logistics to make it as easy as possible for employees to perform value-creating activities.

Following a clearly defined pull principle, we get your material flowing and avoid stock. A predefined cycle or a flexible control system with maximum transparency are the tools employees need to achieve maximum productivity. Matching the call-off and staging systems, we define innovative transport as well as buffer and storage concepts together with you. The process design is individually aligned with internal or external customers, the productivity target and the material.

Shopfloor Management (SFM) Logistics
Understanding process improvement and enjoying success

ConMoto provides you with the tools to continuously measure the performance of your logistics so that employees and managers can react immediately in case of deviations. Our projects help you achieve peak performance in store floor management. We combine standardized board concepts with KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) individually adapted to your needs, thus creating the basis for transparency and sustainability.

At the same time, our consultants have the empathy to inspire your employees to make successful changes. Together with your team on the store floor, we work out the connection between process flow, measured performance, the deficits uncovered and the implementation and follow-up of improvement measures. In this way, employees receive a clear picture of their contribution to value creation at the end, with clear responsibility and a comprehensible time target.

Mitarbeiter in der Logistik

Jeder Standort erfüllt in Ihrem Wertschöpfungsnetz einen klar definierten Zweck. Ob es im Green-Field um eine Neuplanung geht oder wir gemeinsam mit Ihnen im Brown-Field bestehende Produktionsstandorte, Zentrallager, Außenlager, Hubs oder Cross-Dock Center optimieren: Wir denken in Prozessen Bottom-Up und in Netzwerken Top-Down. Das Ziel ist die Logistik-Optimierte Fabrik mit einem logistikorientierten Layout und einem kontinuierlichen, gerichteten Materialfluss.

Stabile, am Kunden ausgerichtete Prozesse optimieren den Wertschöpfungsbeitrag der Logistik über Ihre Standort- und Unternehmensgrenzen hinaus.

Unsere Projekte integrieren Logistik und Produktion, um Produktivitätsgewinne zu maximieren. Dazu gehören die Gebäudestrukturen ebenso wie die Technische Gebäudeausstattung (TGA) und die logistische Ausstattung/Lagertechnik. Wir bewerten die Möglichkeiten einer fortschreitenden Automatisierung und Vernetzung und führen Sie zu wirtschaftlich optimalen Entscheidungen. Mit Ihren Mitarbeitern und Partnern wie Architekten und Entwicklungsplanern gestalten wir Benchmark-Fabriken, die in Ihrem (globalen) Netzwerk Höchstleistung bringen und vorgegebene Budgets einhalten.

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    Logistics optimized factory

    Each location serves a clearly defined purpose in your value network. Whether it is a new planning in the green field or we optimize existing production sites, central warehouses, external warehouses, hubs or cross-dock centers together with you in the brown field: We think bottom-up in processes and top-down in networks. The goal is the logistics-optimized factory with a logistics-oriented layout and a continuous, directed material flow.

    Stable, customer-focused processes optimize the value contribution of logistics beyond your location and company boundaries.

    Our projects integrate logistics and production to maximize productivity gains. This includes the building structures as well as the technical building equipment (TGA) and the logistical equipment/warehouse technology. We evaluate the possibilities of progressive automation and networking and guide you to economically optimal decisions. With your employees and partners such as architects and development planners, we design benchmark factories that deliver top performance in your (global) network and meet specified budgets.