The best performance for your supply chain

Value-oriented logistics imply the efficient, integrated flow of information, materials and goods alike. Our projects transform your company into an agile learning organization that can adjust both quickly and individually to the requirements your customers specify. Our projects also involve your suppliers, as your company’s logistics system can only perform at a top level if the improvements are effective for the supply chain as a whole. 

We create a comprehensive system made up of procurement, production and distribution logistics. It provides your employees with new steering and control methods in all areas. The overall goal is to adjust the processes and output to the customer’s own production pace. The results are value-adding work processes without any waste including a logistics structure that uses space and staff capacities effectively. The right product is delivered in the desired quantity at the planned time in the quality that optimally satisfies the customer’s demands. 

We are creating lean processes of top-notch productivity for a cost-optimized facility.

We are increasing the space utilization of production and storage facilities.

Our integral approach to optimization reduces capital lockup.

We implement short and reliable delivery periods with limited stock.

Logistically Optimized Facility (LOF)

  • Concerted network and process inspection of your facility
  • Streamlined flow of material and economic design of the local logistics
  • IIntegrated review of logistics and production 

Every facility has its clearly defined purpose within your value creation chain. Whether you have plans for a new development site on the green field or aim to optimize existing production facilities, distribution centers, external storage areas, hubs or cross dock centers on the brown field: we are thinking processes bottom-up and networks top-down. Our goal is a logistically optimized facility including an efficient layout and a continuous, well-aligned flow of material. 

Stable and customer oriented processes are optimizing the value adding contribution of logistics beyond your facility and company limits. 

Our projects integrate logistics and production in order to maximize productivity gain. This applies to the structures and technical fittings of buildings (TGA) as well as the logistic equipment and bearing technology. We are assessing the possibilities of a progressing automation and integration in order to enable economically viable decisions. In cooperation with your employees and partners such as architects and development planners, we are creating benchmark facilities, providing top efficiency for your (global) network and keeping to the allotted budgets. 

Lean Logistics – Pull, frequency, flow

  • Lean transformation projects within the operational excellence field 
  • Focus on the person in the process 
  • Intelligent assignment control as a key factor to success 

Humans are the core of value creation. Marvels of productive performance are rendered possible only by employees who understand the meaning behind processes and are convinced by them. Any equipment, area capacities, building structures and information must support human beings in the optimized execution of their work procedures. It is the mission of streamlined logistics to make any value adding activity employees perform as easy as possible. 

Following a clearly defined pull principle, we let your material flow and avoid stock. 

A preset production cycle or a flexible, highly-transparent control system are the tools employees require to reach maximum productivity. Matching demand and supply systems, we are cooperating with you to define an innovative transport system, and interim storage and inventory concepts. The process design is individually tailored to internal or external clients, the productivity goals and the material. 

Simultaneously, our consultants are supporting your employees to profit from the opportunities the digitized world provides. An intelligent and networked order management as well as precise production and program planning are elementary levers of an efficient process design. It is important that employees are being included in the change management process and that they are expertly trained. In Lean Logistics, we are making use of our comprehensive method portfolio for each facility to reach its productivity objectives faster. 

Shopfloor Management Logistics

  • Procedural deviation management and change management 
  • Intensive coaching for your employees and leads 
  • New standards and increased process efficiency by applying the correct key performance indicators and board concepts 

ConMoto is offering tools for continuously measuring the efficiency of your logistics and supply chain management to enable your employees and leads to react quickly to deviations. Our solutions will support you in achieving top performance in shopfloor management. We are combining standardized board concepts with individual key performance indicators, thus creating the basis for transparency and sustainability. 

Also, our consultants are sensitive to individual needs, and their interpersonal skills motivate your employees to embrace successful change. In cooperation with your shopfloor team, we explore the correlation between workflow processes, measured performance and uncovered deficiencies as well as the implementation and tracking of improvements.

Your employees will gain a comprehensive insight into their value-adding contribution – including clear responsibilities and plausible standards for time allowances. The result: appreciation for the improvement of processes, lived standards and delight in success.

Digitization/Industry 4.0 Logistics

  • Bottom-up approach to digitization 
  • Focus on „digital competence“ of our clients by looking ahead 
  • Internet of Things (IoT) with practical benefits 

Currently, there is a large number of offers for digitization in the fields of industrial production and logistics on the market. In cooperation with our clients, we develop a pragmatic roadmap of digitization and kick off the first phase with a clear focus on ensuring digital competence. 

We assist you in realizing efficiency potentials and ensure that you stay connected to future digitization chances. Simultaneously, digital competence gaps in your processes will be closed.

ConMoto is going to support you with the profitable implementation of digital systems and apps. In doing so, we are being guided by classical cost-benefit calculations and protect you from hasty, expensive misinvestment. Thus, the Internet of Things (IoT) becomes a tangible reality.