How Asset Management boosts profitability
ConMoto Asset Innovation makes your plants and machines more productive.

With ConMoto Asset Innovation/Life Cycle Costing, you improve the profitability of your business assets through economically optimal investments. Especially in plant-intensive industries, our projects increase corporate value creation through innovative and forward-looking plant planning. The yardsticks for investments in machinery and equipment are their life cycle costs and functionality.

Successful companies rely on methods such as risk- and availability-based asset design and maintainability. They also use all methods of digitalization in plant design – sensor technology, condition monitoring and advanced analytics – to plan and control preventive maintenance measures.  Value engineering, integrated planning and stringent project management round off projects for asset innovation. In addition, the innovative strength of the plant manufacturers or -projector is nurtured by close and open interaction between partners. Businesses that take all aspects of innovative asset management into account significantly reduce the total costs of assets over their life cycle: acquisition costs, maintenance costs, operating costs, production downtime costs and disposal costs. This is particularly effective when the project planning, design and optimization involves entire fleets of plants, machines or transport systems.


Savings between 15 and 30%

According to our experience, the savings are between 15 and 30 percent. This corresponds to one to two times the original acquisition cost over a long service life of the plant. In other words, given the initial value of a plant of 30 million euros and a service life of 15 to 20 years on average, companies save 1.6 to 2.1 million euros per year, and this over the entire service life.

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