Trailblazing Maintenance

Automation and intelligent networking of factories are the two most important drivers of the industrial future. As a factor of production “capital” – especially production plants and machines – they become ever more important for businesses. Today, industrial robots are a prerequisite in all major industries.

Maintenance 4.0

Under these conditions an up to date maintenance department serves as the technical basis and as a motor of efficiency in industrial production. Maintenance 4.0 makes use of the technological advancement. It enables production plants and machines to meet the growing challenges of availability, reliability and flexibility.

Automation and digitization have become critical to success and efficiency in all sectors of industry. A lean organization alone does not achieve the necessary advancement in productivity. The relevant design elements of an optimized O.E.E. are: Advanced Analytics as well as Predictive and Preventive Maintenance. In cooperation with our clients, ConMoto analyzes existing data by employing smart evaluation methods and highly adaptable business intelligence software.

By introducing customized maintenance strategies that address the component level, we reduce failure rates by 30 to 70 percent on average, which also drastically reduces the need for repairs. Condition monitoring and periodic inspections help us to find redundancies and technical optimization is another path to improvements.

1. Data survey and key figures

We analyze the structure of your maintenance organization, check the inventory and management of replacement parts, collect relevant maintenance key figures, and review the cost structure.

2. Structured assessment of processes and IT infrastructure

We evaluate the performance of relevant maintenance processes and IT infrastructure. How is data being collected? What is the quality of the available data?

3. Your Maintenance 4.0 Maturity Level

How close is your company to the innovative optimum rated by assorted performance criteria? In which areas is action needed? We evaluate hardware concepts, software concepts, and IT integration. How do these elements fit into the different fields of action of Maintenance 4.0.

4. Objectives, fields of action and effects

We identify innovation priorities in cooperation with your maintenance team. What are areas of improvement? We make a systematic assessment of your potentials concentrating on changes that generate the highest productivity gains.

Having completed the ConMoto Maintenance 4.0 Health Check your company has reliable key data for best practice benchmarking. You are now perfectly prepared for precise implementation planning.

The next step is to write a business case that optimizes your maintenance and enables you to profit from the opportunities of digitization.

Mobile Maintenance

Mobile maintenance is an important accelerator for the highly efficient usage of sustainable machinery and facilities. Increased performance significantly depends on the efficient deployment of maintenance staff. This requires a precise organization and an information flow that is a perfect fit for the tasks at hand.

Within the scope of Maintenance 4.0, the production staff as well as internal and external maintenance specialists use smartphones, tablets or other mobile devices such as special data goggles. They receive data and information in real time, facilitating an effective use of staffing resources, shortening response times and eliminating unnecessary process steps.

Overall, we improve the efficiency of client and external staff by up to 25 to 30 percent.

The advancements of Maintenance 4.0 require new skills and qualifications of your staff. Conventional mechanical skills are being supplemented by new tasks and abilities in reliability engineering, such as data evaluation, data analysis or the design and implementation of process engineering algorithms for monitoring forecasts.

Advanced knowledge of process control engineering and IT integration does also gain in importance.

Mastering these tasks requires companies to systematically develop their competences and qualifications – or find external providers for the services needed.

Preview: White Paper Maintenance 4.0

Maintenance 4.0

This ConMoto White Paper sheds light on the central elements of maintenance in the factory of the future, namely Predictive Maintenance, Mobile Maintenance and Asset Innovation/Life Cycle Costing.

We describe a robust overall strategy that integrates predictive condition-based maintenance, data exchange in real-time concerning machine condition, plant management and planning.

You can order the complete White Paper “Maintenance 4.0 – Maintenance Management for the Future Factory” for free:

Interview with Nils Blechschmidt: Industry 4.0 depends on Maintenance 4.0

Always at the ready: giving machine stoppage no chance!

Efficient plants and machines are a prerequisite for seamless functionality in production and a competitive edge. Appropriate maintenance measures are becoming more and more important in an age of increasing automation and interconnectivity.

Ralph Szepanski talks to Nils Blechschmidt, Senior Partner at ConMoto, about Industry 4.0 and the challenges to maintenance and asset management (in German only).