Maintenance 4.0 determines the profitability of tomorrow’s factory
Become a trailblazer in Maintenance 4.0

We are bracing you for the future with advanced analytics, predictive, preventive and prescriptive maintenance, mobile maintenance as well as IT integration and digitization. After all, a lean production and a lean organization of value creation alone no longer deliver the necessary productivity advances.

Automation and intelligent networking are two essential drivers for the industrial future. Both make the production factor “capital”, especially plants and machines, increasingly important for companies. Today, none of the major industries can do without industrial robots. Under these conditions, an advanced maintenance becomes the technical basis, acting as anefficiency driver in industrial production. Maintenance 4.0 takes advantage of the new technological possibilities to meet the growing demands regarding the availability, reliability and flexibility of production facilities and machines.

We evaluate existing basic data and use smart methods for data analysis as well as customized business intelligence software. From the results, we derive individual maintenance strategies with our clients. At component level, this approach reduces the failure rates by an average of 30 to 70 percent and the repair effort by 10 to 25 percent. Starting points include predictive health monitoring and periodic checks to detect redundancies, as well as potentials for technical optimizations.

ConMoto Maintenance 4.0 Health Check
Is your production fit for sustainable maintenance?

The ConMoto Maintenance 4.0 HealthCheck is a compact, implementation-oriented analysis for a future-oriented maintenance. It consists of four clearly defined steps:

1 Analysis of basic data and key indicators

We analyze the organizational structure of your maintenance and check the stock of spare parts as well as the spare parts management. In addition, we will determine the key figures and the cost structure of your maintenance.

2 Analysis of maintenance processes and information technologies used

We assess the performance of the various maintenance processes and your IT infrastructure. How is data collected and what is the quality of the provided data?

3 Determination of Maintenance 4.0 maturity level

Together with your maintenance managers, we evaluate how close your company is to the optimum in terms of various performance criteria. The hardware and software concept as well as the IT integration of the various fields of action of Maintenance 4.0 is reviewed.

4 Identification of goals and fields of action

With your maintenance team, we identify the innovation fields for your Maintenance 4.0. Which potentials can be raised? In which maintenance activities do changes result in the largest productivity leaps?

After completing the ConMoto Maintenance 4.0 Health Check, your company has reliable indicators for best practice benchmarking. You are now perfectly prepared for specific implementation planning and the creation of a business case to optimize your maintenance. Hence, you are put in the perfect position to benefit from the technical possibilities of digitalization.

Mobile maintenance

In the factory of the future, mobile maintenance is an important driver for the highly efficient use of machines and equipment. An important prerequisite for an increase in performance is the optimal deployment of the maintenance and production employees: they need highly effective organizational processes and transparent, customized information.

In the age of Maintenance 4.0, production and maintenance employees use smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices such as, for example, data glasses. They receive information and data in real time, i.e. fault data, work instructions or spare parts availability. This enables effective personnel deployment, shortens response times and eliminates unnecessary process steps

By implementing effective maintenance performance management with mobile maintenance solutions, we are working with our clients to improve the personnel efficiency of internal employees and external service providers by up to 25 to 30 percent.

Organizational development by Maintenance 4.0

The advancement of Maintenance 4.0 creates completely new requirements for the qualification of maintenance and production staff. Technical skills and craftsmanship, traditionally paramount, must now be complemented by new activities and skills in the area of reliability engineering. These are, for example, data evaluation and analysis (advanced analytics) or the design of algorithms for forecasting and monitoring. Extensive knowledge in process control technology and IT integration is also becoming increasingly important.

In order to be able to master these tasks, companies must systematically improve their own skills and qualifications and/or find the right external partners to provide specific services.

Preview: white paper Maintenance 4.0

The ConMoto white paper explains the key building blocks of maintenance for the factory of the future. We describe a resilient, comprehensive strategy that integrates predictive, sustainable maintenance, real-time data exchange on machine condition, plant management and plant planning.

The full version of our white paper “Maintenance 4.0 – maintenance management for the future factory” can be obtained free of charge at