Smart Maintenance enhances the profitability of tomorrow’s factory
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We equip you for the future with advanced analytics, predictive, preventive and prescriptive maintenance, mobile maintenance as well as IT integration and digitalization. After all, a lean organization of service provision alone no longer delivers the necessary productivity advances today.

Automation and intelligent networking of factories are two defining drivers for the industrial future. Both make the production factor “capital,” especially plant and machinery, increasingly important for companies. Today, none of the major industries can manage without industrial robots. Under these conditions, advanced maintenance becomes the technical basis and efficiency engine in industrial production. Maintenance 4.0 makes use of the new technological possibilities and thus meets the growing demands on the availability, reliability and flexibility of production plants and machines.

We evaluate existing data and apply smart methods for data analysis as well as tailor-made business intelligence software. From these results, we derive individual maintenance strategies with our customers. As a result, at the component level, it is possible to reduce malfunction rates by an average of 30 to 70 percent and cut repair costs by 10 to 25 percent. Starting points include predictive condition monitoring and periodic checks to detect redundancies, as well as technical optimizations.

 More productive through predictive maintenance 

Predictive Maintenance optimally schedules maintenance work. This helps to avoid disruptions before they occur and maximize productivity,

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ConMoto Maintenance 4.0 Health Check
Is your production fit for future-proof maintenance?

The ConMoto Maintenance 4.0 HealthCheck is a compact, implementation-oriented analysis on the way to future-oriented maintenance. It comprises four clearly defined steps:

01 Analysis of basic data and key figures

We analyze the structure of your maintenance organization and check the spare parts inventory and spare parts management. We also define key performance indicators and the cost structure of maintenance.

02 Analysis of maintenance processes

We evaluate the performance of the various maintenance processes and the performance of your IT infrastructure. How is data collected and what is the quality of the data provided?

03 Determining the Maintenance 4.0 maturity level

Together, we determine how close your company is to the optimum in terms of various performance criteria. The hardware and software concepts are assessed, as are the the integration of IT into the various fields of action of Maintenance 4.0.

04 Development of objectives and fields of action

Together with your maintenance team, we identify the innovation fields for your Maintenance 4.0. Which potentials can be leveraged and in which areas of maintenance do changes bring the greatest productivity gains?

 The result 

After completing the ConMoto Maintenance 4.0 Health Check, your company will have meaningful key figures for best-practice benchmarking. You are now perfectly prepared for concrete implementation planning and the creation of a business case for optimizing your maintenance to benefit optimally from the technical possibilities of digitalization.

Mobile maintenance

In the factory of the future mobile maintenance is an important driver for the highly efficient use of machinery and equipment. An important prerequisite for this increase in performance is to make optimum use of maintenance and production staff. Your staff can work more efficiently with the support of highly effective organizational processes and transparent, accurate information.

In the age of Maintenance 4.0, production and maintenance employees therefore use smartphones, tablets or other mobile devices (data glasses, etc.).). This provides them with information and data in real time, such as malfunction data, work instructions or spare parts availability. This enables effective staff deployment, shortens response times and eliminates unnecessary process steps.

By implementing effective maintenance performance management with mobile maintenance solutions, we can work with our customers to improve the staffing efficiency of their own employees and external service providers by up to 25 to 30 percent.

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    Organizational improvement through Maintenance 4.0

    Developing Maintenance 4.0 creates completely new requirements for the qualifications of maintenance and production employees. In addition to the craft skills that have traditionally been very much to the fore, new activities and skills are being added around the Reliability Engineering. These are, for example, data evaluation and analysis (Advanced analytics) or the design of algorithms for condition prediction for monitoring. Advanced knowledge of process control technology and IT integration is also becoming increasingly important.

    To be able to master these tasks, companies must systematically build up their own skills and qualifications, as well as Find the right external partners to provide specialized services.