Operational excellence means fast processes of high quality

ConMoto Operational Excellence (Opex) projects optimize processes and production systems across the entire value chain to maintain and increase your competitive edge. The three tasks of operational excellence are to raise productivity, improve quality and reduce costs in your business. To achieve these goals, we use lean methods, which we have developed into our own tool set. Together with our customers, ConMoto charts a roadmap that opens paths for continuous change processes for more effectiveness and agility.

At the center of all efforts are customer-centric value streams that deliver the productive outcomes that your customer values most highly. Simply put OpEx designs value streams for whose products and services the customer pays a good market price. Productivity comes from fast, high-quality processes. Faultlessness and speed are therefore the guiding stars of operational excellence. An OpEx strategy also reduces risks, standardizes work processes, work results and controlling, and establishes clear responsibilities for all value-adding activities.

Operational Excellence addresses all aspects of your production system:

  • Assessment & Benchmarking
  • Key Performance Indikators (KPI) & Controlling
  • Process optimization & plant efficiency
  • Digitalization & Automation
  • Vertical integration & Production Footprint

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