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We create high-performance production systems for sustainable boost of productivity.

Our solutions for your logistics ensure an unimpeded flow of materials and goods – without motion there is no productivity.

We are the leading management consultancy for maintenance and Asset Management. With our expertise we make sure that your machines and plants perform reliably.

We unleash the forces of innovation of your business by thinking creatively and by applying clearly structured methods with stringency.

By fostering efficient development processes, we help you to transform ideas into successful projects.

Value-oriented procurement balances quality, customer satisfaction and cost awareness.

We get involved

As a successful company, we take on social responsibility and support people who make our society more liveable.

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Showjumping is our hobby horse

ConMoto has been supporting showjumping talents for many years, giving them the possibility for further improvement.

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Formula E

ConMoto is a proud advisor and sponsor of the racing stable HWA RACELAB.

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We advocate the sincere appreciation of diversity.

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