Diversity Charter

The diversity charter „Charta der Vielfalt“ is a company initiative under the patronage of the German Chancellor. It promotes diversity in companies and institutions. ConMoto has signed the diversity charter in 2016.

What are we up to?

We identify with the values of the charter and commit to them – inbound and outbound alike. Diversity nourishes us. Colleagues from many different nations are working with us. We profit from their different experiences and backgrounds. They are also facilitating our international ambitions.

As a company, we advocate a free, democratic society and assume responsibility. Thus, we object to any kind of political, religious or ideological extremism..

We are open to people of any sex and gender as well as any sexual orientation and gender identity. People with disabilities are an integral part of our community.

Our focus is a prejudice-free company culture characterized by trust and respect. We are living an open, constructive communication culture.

Our values do not contradict peak performance. Rather, they support our economic goals and enhance our attractiveness as an employer.


ConMoto is constantly striving for growth. In order to be able to grow sustainably, we require a wide range of different talents. Since qualified specialists are in huge demand, we have a sincere interest in finding them – beyond any stereotypes or biases. It is of outmost importance to us as an employer to develop and refine each of our employee’s individual skills and talents.

Employer commitment

Companies and institutions have lower fluctuation rates if employees are feeling included and valued for each facet of their personality.

Improved cooperation

We know from experience, that mixed teams are often achieving more creative and innovative results than merely homogenous groups. Appreciation and acceptance are bolstering motivation. They stimulate individual contributions to common success.


People want to work in a prejudice-free environment. Nowadays, applied tolerance is an important criterion for choosing a suitable workplace. Our support of the diversity charter conveys an important message regarding our strong disapproval of stereotypes and an invitation to all applicants alike.