Equestrian sports is our pet passion
Sponsoring ambitious show jumping

ConMoto has been sponsoring equestrian sport since our foundation in 1990, including many showjumping competitions in classes A to S (Novice to Advanced). Together with riders and tournament managers, ConMoto’s founder Dr.-Ing. Ralf Feierabend – himself a former passionate showjumper – has launched a twin-track funding strategy.

ConMoto supports equestrians who are making a difference on their way to the top. We have established two tournaments – the ConMoto Cup for up-and-coming talent, and the ConMoto Champions Cup for showjumpers among the elite of German sport.

Sponsoring equestrian sports

We promote talent and reward dedication to performance. One of these talents is Friso Bormann, shown left in the saddle of ConMoto Crazy Cato. We cherish our long-term partnership with the Bormann family as well as the riding club in Harsum. Both – family and club – stand for what we value: fairness in competition and the commitment to building a better world together.