Social commitment
Because we care

Our vision: We set things in motion. Our mission: Inspiring solutions. Implemented.

These principles apply as much to our social commitment as to our project work. We are a strong and resourceful company that takes on social responsibility. We help those in need, and that’s why we are especially supportive of people with disabilities.

Social Commitment

ConMoto traditionally supports the Munich-based foundation The Sunshine Project – Help for children with multiple disabilities. We have also helped fund the charity CD ‘Krippewelle – a witty Christmas radio play with music’.

For half a century, The Sunshine Project has stood for integration, inclusion, mutual support, learning and working together – all values we hold dear.

Putzblitz – an inclusive company

As part of our social engagement, we employ the cleaning company Putzblitz from CBA (Co-operative for Protective Workplaces), a scheme providing work for people with disabilities.

IT donations

ConMoto also regularly donates notebooks and other hardware to not-for-profit NGOs.