Everything started with a short talk between me and the CEO of a leading international manufacturer with a turnover of more than 100 billion Euros. We talked about the cost structures and potential improvements in the maintenance department. His answer was disarmingly frank: “I don’t know the details and that might be a problem.” As ConMoto has a record of several hundred Maintenance Excellence projects on five continents, we decided to put ConMoto’s methods to the test. The task at hand: Analyzing the company’s most productive plant, which could proudly show off several performance excellence awards. The plant’s management was less than enthusiastic about the idea. “Why does the CEO send consultants to review the best performer?” – was the unspoken question that hung in the air when they welcomed us with crossed arms. After three hours of lively discussion on “Best Practices” and a walking tour of the plant the atmosphere had become much more relaxed.

ScoreTest prove: even the best can get better

Five-day-ScoreTests encompassing all four major production and assembly lines staffed by several thousand workers gave proof: Maintenance in this highly productive plant can be improved by up to ten percent. Detailed test results were presented by a joint team of client employees of all functions and hierarchy levels and ConMoto consultants, underlining the fact that everyone was on board and fully engaged to implement improvements. During the implementation process improvements, costs and implementation time were thoroughly documented. The ROI could be increased by five to ten percent in various areas of production. In the following two years similar projects implemented in seven production plants in several continents brought increases by more than ten percent. These projects were not initiated by the top management, but grew out of a sort of whisper campaign from plant management to plant management. Analysis and ScoreTest were conducted in a number of countries by local ConMoto consultants, who literally “speak the client’s language” and who are well versed in the local corporate culture.

ConMoto is currently in talks with the top management of this multicorporate enterprise with its more than 100.000 employees on topics like delivery capacity and securing global supply chains. In a lot of companies ensuring financial liquidity and rightsizing are on top of the agenda.

Let’s discuss topics that are important to you. Our discussion can instigate improvements: Dr. Bernhard Schmid, schmid@conmoto.de